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Espresso Method - Chapter 6

The main rules to follow to obtain a perfect espresso and the phases of espresso tasting.

Espresso MethodIntroduction:

The sixth chapter is dedicated to the espresso method. It analyzes everything that goes into a perfect espresso: the correct blend and precise grinding, the coffee machine and the barista's professionalism. All phases of espresso and cappuccino tasting are studied, without omitting anything that demands a professional taster's attention.


  • Italian Espresso
  • The art of blending
  • Grinding the beans
  • The espresso coffee machine
  • The cup
  • The barista’s skill
  • Cleaning
  • Espresso tasting
  • Visual analysis
  • Phases of the visual analysis
  • Olfactory analysis
  • Phases of olfactory analysis
  • Intensity and complexity of smell
  • The aromas of espresso
  • Cup defects
  • Gustatory-olfactory analysis
  • Phases of gustatory-olfaclory analysis
  • Italian cappuccino tasting
  • Cappuccino tasting method
  • Taste test
  • Espresso scoring sheet
  • An olfactory sampler
  • Sensory exercises