Espresso Italiano Tasting

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For coffee lovers and professionals: no prerequisite required.

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1 day


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Bazzara Academy - Via Battisti 1 - Trieste

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M1 – Espresso Italiano Tasting

Making a perfect espresso is not a simple task. A large number of variables has to be kept under control: the coffee blend, the coffee grinder, the espresso machine and the barista’s hand of course. Every single variable will influence the final result and the judgment on the quality of the espresso in the cup is up to the taster. Learn how to distinguish good espresso from poor one and how to get a precise sensory profile of the cup in front of you.

Theory includes:

  • espresso tasting: aims, enviromental and psychological conditions of tasting;
  • the judgment of the sense organs: the aspect, the aromatic profile, the taste;
  • the tasting card: what it is and how to use it;
  • the geography of coffee production and of its consumption, the coffee growing, the coffee manufacture, the roasting and its chemical and organoleptical transformations, packaging methods and their influence on the conservation of aromas, the blend and its influence on the final cup;
  • the coffee grinder and the espresso machine: different types, how to choose the machinery, how to use it to get always a perfect espresso, the ordinary maintenance.

Practice will deal with:

You will taste and judge different espressos based on differet blends and prepared in different ways. Some of the preparations are faulty so that you learn to distinguish top-quality espresso from defective one.

At the end of the training class you can take the final examination to get the tasting license.


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