SCA Green Coffee Intermediate

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SCA Green Coffee Foundation

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2 days, from 10:00 to 17:00


890€ (VAT included + SCA Certifications excluded)


Bazzara Academy - Via Battisti 1 - Trieste

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The Green Coffee module deals with the key concepts concerning green coffee, cultivation, processing, transport, storage, up to the arrival at the roaster. It includes insights into coffee cultivation techniques, processing and classification of green coffee, contracts and warehouse management.

Intermediate level:
Divided into three areas: principles of coffee cultivation and processing, classification of green coffee, contracts and warehouse management – the Intermediate level analyzes green coffee in more detail and focuses on the professional skills necessary for professionals who will go to work. daily with green coffee.

  • Botany and agronomy
  • The manufacturing process and the quality of the coffee, as a result of the manufacturing processes themselves
  • The defects and classification of green coffee
  • The main elements of the contracts relating to green coffee
  • The classification and differentiation of qualities with respect to contracts
  • The qualitative variables of the seasonality and storage of green coffee
  • The terminology of the market
  • Decaffeination
  • Certification bodies and mechanisms



As director of the Bazzara Academy, Marco specializes in sensory analysis. In addition to having obtained the AST Specialty Coffee Association License for all the modules of the Coffee Skills Program, he has in fact deepened what concerns sensorial practice, together with distinguished experts of international fame; Wine Sommelier, Idrosommelier, Tea Sommelier and Tea Trader, Espresso and Coffee Sommelier, Honey Taster, Chocolate Taster, Grappa and brandy taster.

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