SCA Intermediate Camp

Partecipation requirements

Foundation level diplomas of all SCA modules should be obtained.

Length of course

10 working days, from 10:00 to 17:00


€ 4,150 (VAT included + SCA Certificates excluded)


Bazzara Academy - Via Battisti 1 - Trieste

At your complete disposal for any doubt

Available dates


Intermediate Camp – the opportunity offered by Bazzara to obtain Intermediate level diplomas of all SCA modules at an advantageous price in about ten days spent in Trieste, the Italian capital of coffee.

The Intermediate Camp option will allow you to save € 200 on the total cost of the modules purchased individually.


  • Day 1-2 GREEN COFFEE: the module analyzes green coffee in more detail and focuses on the professional skills necessary for professionals who will go to work daily with green coffee.
  • Day 3-4 ROASTING: the course will make you understand the roasting process, how it takes place and how to check the sensorial characteristics of the coffee by changing the curve or degree of roasting; as it includes the study of roasting defects and the physical changes that occur in the beans during roasting.
  • Day 5-6 SENSORY SKILLS: this module focuses on three main topics: the deepening of the characteristics of the sensory analysis, the organization of a cupping session and the application of these concepts at a professional level of coffee.
  • Day 7-8 BREWING: guide coffee professionals to find out how to change extraction techniques and parameters to improve coffee quality.
  • Day 9-10 BARISTA SKILLS: an in-depth study of the methods for obtaining the perfect extraction, for the preparation of different recipes based on coffee, the milk frame, including latte art.

Services included:

The coffee break, the use of equipment and the consumables necessary for the course are included in the price.



As director of the Bazzara Academy, Marco specializes in sensory analysis. In addition to having obtained the AST Specialty Coffee Association License for all the modules of the Coffee Skills Program, he has in fact deepened what concerns sensorial practice, together with distinguished experts of international fame; Wine Sommelier, Idrosommelier, Tea Sommelier and Tea Trader, Espresso and Coffee Sommelier, Honey Taster, Chocolate Taster, Grappa and brandy taster.

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