SCA Roasting Intermediate

Partecipation requirements

SCA Roasting Foundation

Length of course

2 days, from 10:00 to 17:00


1010 € (VAT included + SCA Certificates excluded)


Bazzara Academy - Via Battisti 1 - Trieste

At your complete disposal for any doubt

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The SCA Roasting module will make you understand the roasting process, how it takes place and how to control the sensorial characteristics of the coffee by changing the curve or degree of roasting. In addition, this module includes the study of roasting defects, the physical changes that occur in the beans during roasting, management of work spaces and production optimization.

Intermediate: the course focuses on the in-depth analysis of the roasting processes and on the role that heat transmission plays in this process. You will discover how the different roasting profiles affect the aroma, how to recognize the roasting defects and you will deepen your knowledge of the physical changes to which the beans are subjected. The course provides all the information necessary to face the intermediate exam of the SCA Roasting module.



Sensory project manager e Academy Director della Bazzara Academy, con una Laurea in Economia e un Master in “Formazione e Didattica”, in azienda si occupa di controllo qualità, selezione e miscelazione del caffè, oltre aprogettare sistemi formativi ricoprendo la carica di Q Arabica Grader e Authorized SCA Trainer (AST).

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