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The advantages of working with us

Italian Exellence

Our blends are born from the centenary experience of our master roasters. They are imagined, tested and rigorously toasted in Italy, satisfying every consumer habit and guaranteeing an espresso of pure Italian charm. Besides our main 6 blends, we can offer you 12 single-origin Arabica coffees, to experience single-variety coffees and try unique flavours.

More than 25 markets

During our 40 years of business we have acquired a deep experience of the differences and needs of each market. This has led us to a broad and rich knowledge, thus ensuring we can truly talk about coffee culture, not only sales strategy.

We speak 15 languages

Having a history and looking back at tradition does not mean we are not up with the times: Bazzara has a young, multilingual and multicultural staff, ready to listen and satisfy all your demands.

Not just suppliers

We are not just suppliers, to you we will be advisors as well. First of all, you will be guided by our staff through the choice of the best blend according to your needs, and then you will be assisted with an excellent post-sell service, with a free training course which will allow you to hand down your expertise to your baristas.

Coffee Capital

Trieste is extremely important both for us and for our clients. It has had a leading role in the coffee scene since the eighteenth century and our city is currently the access door for coffee in Italy and a place of innovation and research. Leading importing companies and one of the most modern coffee processing systems make our port a privileged route, meaning that we are able to offer you only the best coffee beans from the best lots.


Unique Style

Our motto is “be distinguished or extinguished”. For this reason we have been working on our blends so that their characteristic aromas and perfumes are love at first sip. That’s also the reason why we perfected a new image for our products, reflecting the essence of our blends: light and elegant; refined without being complicated.


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Make your clients smile with an excellent espresso!

Blending coffee beans since 1966.

Gourmet origins and slow roasting guarantee uniqueness and constant quality: a cup of true Italian espresso.

We make a difference 

Our blends are unique, especially Dodicigrancru - a selection of twelve of the world’s best Arabicas, skilfully balanced to create a perfect cup.
Our blends are always fresh:
we only roast to order.
We only pick perfect beans for our blends.

Trieste is the Capital of Espresso and its port is a privileged route. As a result, we can select the best batches beforehand.
Constant and guaranteed quality: an impeccable espresso, always.

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Monetize our benefits

Premium coffee that will retain your clients.
Professional training and constant support thanks to our Academy
You can stand out with our unique and elegant accessories in the style of Bazzara
Our experience at your service: in 50 years of activity we have learnt a lot about the different peculiarities and the necessities of every market. This gave us the opportunity of building on our knowledge and truly embrace coffee culture.


The Bazzara blends

Bazzara: six blends to suit every palate
12 varieties of Grand Cru Arabica, for the most refined and demanding palates

100% of gourmet Arabica, for those who want only the best

For those who are all about the cappuccino

sacchetti cr1

For those looking for sweet and smooth notes

For those looking for a balanced flavour

For those who want the best crema and flavour possible

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Your success is our objective!

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