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Coffee Trilogy + 250g of DODICIGRANCRU grains

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A truly unique work, (an Italian-English version), dedicated to the fascinating world of professional coffee tasting are enhanced with more than 500 illustrations and numerous pieces by renowned experts in the field of Italian espresso. An entire section is dedicated to the multifarious methods of brewing coffee, from the traditional systems to the most unusual and original systems. This text that has become an indispensable source of information for those wishing to discover and delve in greater depth into the tasting of coffee.

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The volume La Filiera del Caffè consists of four chapters: 1. The path of green coffee; 2. The path of the coffee sack; 3. The roasted coffee path; 4. The espresso coffee route The Coffee Tasting book consists of eight chapters: 1. History of coffee tasting; 2. Know the coffee; 3. The types of coffee; 4. Sensory universe; 5. How to taste coffee; 6. Express method; 7. Comparative tastings 8. Ways of preparing coffee in the world: The Cappuccino Italiano - Latte Art volume consists of seven chapters: 1. Cappuccino & Espresso; 2. The 5 L (Milk, Milk, Lance, Processing, Milk Art); 3. Cappuccino tasting; 4. Capuchin world; 5. The secrets of Latte Art; 6. New designs; 7. 3D cappuccino


Franco and Mauro Bazzara




Italian / English