Bazzara Academy made a new start pulling off a Q-Grader course

Bazzara Academy made a new start pulling off a Q-Grader course, the first happening in Italy since the beginning of the pandemic.

With this prestigious course, held by Alin Giriada and dedicated to the sensory evaluation of coffee, the company has kickstarted its in-presence teaching activities, both at a national and an international level

Carried out successfully at the Bazzara Academy in Trieste, the Q-Grader course certifies and proves the competence of highly qualified coffee tasters. More than a year and a half after the first Italian lockdown, this has been the first national course of this level, marking an important resumption of the Academy’s in-presence activities. 

Marco Bazzara, Q-grader, Quality Manager and Academy Director at Bazzara Espresso recalls: “The Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) professional certification for Q-grader tasters is highly coveted. It is valid for three years and allows you to evaluate coffee using international standards and protocols. This certification includes, among others, the olfactory, gustatory and tactile analysis of coffee, as well as the analysis of green coffee; in this case of Arabica, the variety we have chosen to base the course on”. 

Bazzara then continues: “The skill of Alin Giriada, an internationally renowned Q-Instructor from Ireland, who held the course together with his assistant, Andrew Prosser, has been decisive for the success of the event. The prestige of the course, unique in the world of coffee, also attracted participants from abroad. In the tight didactic phases, Alin stood by the participants in a very empathetic way and with extreme professionalism. This has been possible also thanks to the organisational support ensured by the staff of the Bazzara Academy. In fact, in recent months, we have done our utmost best to make sure each and every detail had been taken care of, so that the activity could take place in the best possible way and with all the necessary precautions for the safety of the participants”.

The course started last weekend with the retakes: a full immersion of two days, during which those who had already attended the course had the chance to retake the exams. The actual course took place during the whole week. The course saw the alternating of practical and theoretical moments, including the conventional 19 tests aimed at evaluating the sensory abilities of the coffee tasters, after which the Q Arabica grader certificate is granted.

“The students seem very happy to me,” declared Q-instructor Alin. “The Bazzara Academy is a really welcoming place, a source of inspiration. Many details in the environment refer to the history of the Bazzara family and this gives a personal touch to the course: here the participants concretely perceive the passion for coffee, also understood as a precious family heritage that must be valued and transmitted.”

Riding the wave of this important accomplishment, our Academy will continue its teaching activities with a Foundation Camp in early October.

More information about the Bazzara Academy and the courses are available on the website

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