Bazzara Espresso has set itself the goal of becoming a Benefit Company by 2021, that is a company that integrates profit objectives with goals related to its social and environmental impact. The path taken by the historic family-run roastery, inspired by the guidelines set out in the 2030 agenda, aims at a transformation based on 360-degree sustainability. Therefore, not only related to the products, but to the company as a whole, for example, by implementing energy saving policies, reduction of plastic and atmospheric emissions. Bazzara’s transformation involves the context in which it exists too, through charitable and educational projects carried out locally, ranging from donations to health facilities during the pandemic to supporting young people and sport by sponsoring the youth and women’s sections of a local rugby team.

Among the various concrete environmental protection actions undertaken by Bazzara Espresso, it should be emphasized that the Italian company uses exclusively energy coming from renewable sources certified by Lifegate, and is facing a Plastic Free transition with the aim of eliminating all single-use plastic, such as cups, stirrers and capsules by switching to more environmentally friendly and/or recyclable materials.

Bazzara has moreover committed to make packaging production lines more and more sustainable, for example by converting secondary packaging into FSC paper, coming from recycling material or waste. This type of choice has also been made with regard to the products of the editorial line.

Bazzara’s awareness around the use of paper and natural resources led the company to plant 200 coffee trees in Kenya and Guatemala in December 2020, in partnership with Treedom, thus contributing to reforestation, safeguarding biodiversity and giving work to local communities who keep the harvest for themselves. In this regard, an awareness campaign is still in progress which has involved Bazzara’s customers and will involve them again this Christmas, with the assignment of a tree to each one of them who will request a gift box for the holidays.

Having also joined the Zero Impact Web project, from this year Bazzara Espresso contributes to the creation and protection of growing forests in Costa Rica. The project aims to offset the emissions generated by internet traffic on its website and thus counteract global warming.

In September 2021 the first certified organic coffee line, the Bioarabiche Bazzara, was launched on the e-shop of the roasting company. This green line includes a water decaffeinated coffee and seven single origin coffees grown without the use of fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, herbicides or genetically modified organisms. 

In the creation and realization of the new eco friendly products, certified organic by the Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification ICEA and guaranteed by Agriculture Biologique and Bio Siegel, Bazzara’s attention has been focused on choosing valuable raw materials produced while taking care of reducing greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible, with particular attention to the effects on the environment caused by production cycles and soil activities.

Great attention was also paid to the completeness and transparency of the information provided to the consumer through the packaging, created ad hoc using materials that guarantee the maintenance of the high quality of the product and, at the same time, the extension of its life cycle through the possibility of 100% recycling.

Sustainability is an essential element also in spreading the culture of high-quality coffee; a mission carried out by Bazzara Espresso through its renowned communication tools, ranging from the videos on its YouTube channel which has reached three the million visualizations at the beginning of the year, to the section dedicated to this topic in the new book “CoffeExperts”, the fifth volume published by company and inspired by the coffee sector event Trieste Coffee Experts. The afterword of the book has been written by Stefano Patuanelli, the Italian Minister of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies.

Furthermore, the company was recently included among the realities that can boast the “Io Sono Friuli Venezia Giulia” brand, created to help consumers recognize the sustainable products of the regional agri-food chain, and received, in October 2021, the special mention for the “Environment” category of the PerCoRSI regional award, aimed at enhancing the good practices of virtuous companies on “Health and safety in the workplace, Corporate Social Responsibility and corporate welfare”.

Bazzara has also completed the Fairtrade certification process, a brand identifying products from fair trade which is issued by the international organization of the same name, committed to improving the conditions of agricultural producers in developing countries.