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For over fifty years we have worked hard to bring you the most delicious taste of Italian lifestyle
One of the most
unique coffees
in the world
You can find us in more than
CAPSULES and PODS: thanks to our new four single-serving formats, now you can enjoy also at home the extraordinary balance of Dodicigrancru, twelve of the best Coffea Arabicas that harmoniously blend acidity and bitterness.
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Bazzara Academy delivers different levels of coffee courses, aimed at everyone from baristas, roasters and other professionals, to coffee lovers. It is the first facility in Italy to join the SCA Premier Training Campus Network with the possibility of certifying all the Coffee Diploma Skills levels.

SCA Premier Training Campus
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Today The Espresso Coffee Production System, Coffee Tasting and Italian Cappuccino Latte Art can be considered true best sellers.

They have been reprinted many times, translated in different languages and adopted as a teaching tool in several Coffee Academies all over Europe.

The summit that gives a voice
to the Italian espresso specialists




Located in Trieste, Bazzara Espresso is a roasting company producing excellent espresso blends. Our clients appreciate the high quality of our products, our love for details and the fact that, for over fifty years, we have been lovingly selecting only the best varieties of Arabica and Robusta to bring them the most delicious taste of the Italian lifestyle. Dodicigrancru is Bazzara’s crown jewel: a blend with the extraordinary balance of the best 12 Coffea Arabica on the market, distinguished by a perfect harmony between acidity and bitterness, coupled with a spicy aftertaste and flavours reminiscing of dark chocolate. A coffee unique in the world, available both as capsule and pods.




We ensure that our coffee is always fresh, coming from selected batches and the best coffee producing areas of the world. We only roast upon order, following the traditional method and guaranteeing that every origin is individually roasted.




SCAE Pioneer Member since 1998, Bazzara Academy is located in the beating heart of Trieste, that has been the Italian Capital of Coffee for over three centuries. All the different spaces are equipped with the latest technologies in compliance with all the SCA Premier Campus standards and protocol, thus becoming the first facility in Italy able to certify all the modules of the new Coffee Skills Diploma: Barista Skills; Brewing; Green Coffee; Roasting and Sensory Skills.

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