The brothers Franco and Mauro Bazzara in 1999
mature the idea of writing “Espresso coffee: a journey into his world”, published in 2000. will become the progenitor of a real one
series centered around coffee.

In 2004, in fact, “The espresso coffee chain” saw the light, now in its seventh re-edition.
Subsequently they publish “The coffee tasting” (2010) and “Cappuccino Italiano Latte-Art” (2012),
winner in the same year of the “New product of the show” award at the SCAE World of Coffee in Vienna.

Espresso coffee: a journey into his world

Italian Cappuccino. Latte Art


160 pages in the world of the coffee chain

The book wants to discover and understand why espresso coffee emanates energy, sensitivity and enthusiasm that have also been shared by great figures of the past such as Bach, Voltaire, Napoleon

200 pages full of illustrations that tell the journey of coffee from green to cup

The coffee plant, fruit harvesting and processing, the long journey of green coffee in jute sacks, roasting know-how and golden rules for a perfect espresso. Over 100 illustrative illustrations, more than 100 photos, almost 200 pages in Italian and English version. The wealth of technical contents, the graphics, the interventions of some of the greatest experts in the world of coffee and the contribution of international companies among the best known in the sector make the volume unique and indispensable

384 pages dedicated to the fascinating world of professional coffee tasting.

A single volume, in Italian and English, dedicated to the fascinating world of professional coffee tasting. It is enriched by more than 500 illustrations and numerous interventions by renowned experts in the Italian espresso coffee sector. An entire section has been dedicated to the multitude of coffee preparation methods, from traditional procedures to the most unprecedented and original systems. A text that becomes an indispensable source of information for those who want to discover and learn more about coffee tasting.

592 pages entirely dedicated to cappuccino, the most popular coffee-based recipe

The first edition, published in 2012, won the Best product of the show award at the WOC in Vienna the same year. The book is a bilingual Italian-English manual, dedicated to the science of cappuccino, in which the 5 “L” of the cappuccino were minted for the first time.

With over 500 photos and illustrations, the new volume of Bazzara CoffeeBooks will take you on a journey that has as its compass the constant and passionate search for quality in every sector of the coffee supply chain.

The volume offers a fascinating journey into the world of coffee, explored from various points of view and perspectives through the competent contributions of some of the leading experts in the sector.