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Bazzara coffee comes from the dream of a Triestino artisan in the 60s and, thanks to the passion that has been passed down three generations, today it is an International reality present in more than 25 markets.

During our fifty years of activity we have acquired a deep experience regarding the peculiarities and needs of each market. This allowed us to constantly deepen and enrich our knowledge and thus be able to really talk about coffee culture.

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Thanks to the precious experience of our master roasters, we ensure a process production for the blends which is characterized strictly by slow roasting.

This way, in the selected coffee beans, the necessary chemical-physical changes take place to release the finest aromas in order to have a well-rounded and creamy coffee.

What they say about us

We continue to distribute Bazzara coffee because, year after year, they continue to improve their image and communication, providing me with precious tools to break through within market without ever neglecting the quality of the blends


I continue to work with Bazzara because they are always capable of satisfying my requests and needs, and even if the company is ever growing, the coffee is always roasted to order and the quality remains that of master artisans


I distribute Bazzara because the owners are very much involved: their photograph on the bag as well as having associated the brand with their name, are testimony that behind their products there are precise and trustworthy people


I chose Bazzara because their passion for everything related to coffee is contagious


I chose to distribute Bazzara because it is not just a name or just a product. From the beginning, I realized that this company is a source of passion, enthusiasm and professionalism

Czech Republic

I chose Bazzara because I wanted to distribute an excellent coffee that could meet expectations of my refined clientele


When I met the team and visited their establishment, I understood that they leave nothing to chance. This is why I chose to distribute Bazzara


I chose to distribute Bazzara because I wanted to collaborate with people that really care about imparting coffee culture, other than selling coffee

Milan and Bodan

I chose Bazzara for my shop because of the great variety of blends. The coffee is always fresh and of high quality


Bazzara is The Art of Making Coffee the Italian Way


I chose to distribute Bazzara because the supply of coffee combined a training offer that allowed me to better propose the brand and its quality to my market


I chose to distribute the Bazzara brand because I was searching for a company that combined original, artisanal quality with an innovative image


I distribute Bazzara because they have always been punctual with shipments and the coffee has always kept its high quality grade


The Aromamore blend is very popular for its flavor: strong, sweet at the same time and with a sour tip, which immediately invites you to ask for another cup. It also guarantees good cream and color without having to adjust the parameters practically never!


I chose Bazzara for my cafeterias, because I was searching for a business that was in direct contact with producers, attentive to quality and processing ethics of the product itself.



Our city, the Italian capital of coffee: the history of Trieste and its present placed in the center of the world’s coffee scene.

The presence of the most important importing companies, together with the most modern coffee processing plants, make the port of Trieste a privileged route: so that we may select and offer you the best beans from the best lots.

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We are not just suppliers, but also partners and consultants, ready to share our coffee culture with you.

We will guide you in choosing the best blend for your needs. We will assist you post-sale, also through a training course aimed at transferring the know-how to your baristas.


Signs, cups, glasses: the Bazzara style offers elements that make your bar a unique environment, characterized by class and elegance.

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