Bazzara Academy means training courses
that are passionate. Which enrich body,
mind and soul. The way to become
experts capable of safeguarding and spreading
the culture of quality coffee

Our courses are led by members of the Bazzara family and internationally renowned experts

Marco Bazzara is the author of numerous informative articles dedicated to the world of coffee and published in sector magazines. He is co-author of the book “CoffeExperts” and since 2017 he has directed the Bazzara Academy where he offers training courses able to satisfy the needs of both professionals and enthusiasts.

Dedicated to continuous training, he works with leading international sensory experts, developing techniques and skills in sensory analysis applied to different contexts

Perfumer, sensory expert, sommelier, taster and certified sensory trainer, Marco Bazzara has attended numerous advanced training courses and masters at institutions and professionals in the perfumery sector and holds certifications in natural perfumery, olfactory training, design and formulation of fragrances and in aromatherapy.

The discipline of martial arts guideline both in life and in work.

Many times both Italian and World Kung Fu champion (Sandà discipline), Marco Bazzara has made sport not only a hobby but a real mission that has led him to compete with opponents from from all over the world.

250 m2 in the heart of Trieste, the capital of coffee: our structure is equipped with a tasting laboratory, classroom, roasting room, brewing room, coffee machines and latest generation professional equipment.