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Our story begins with the dream of coffee artisan Dionisio Bazzara, who in 1966, took over "La Brasiliana - Industria Triestina del Caffè" coffee roasting company.

Since then, we select with love, the best varieties of Arabica and Robusta to give you a taste of the Italian lifestyle.

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The Bazzara Espresso is made up of passionate people who love coffee and their work.
Every day they strive to convey this same spirit to our customers.

Our team


Graphic designer

Graphic designer by profession, when he's not talking about basketball, he builds visual experiences. For years he has followed and embraced the development of the company - "Bazzara allows me to stimulate the customer through the senses and the passion of my colleagues in creating blends of pure Italian excellence is a constant source of inspiration".


Sales Export Manager

Multifaceted musician and composer. Son of art, cafeteria teacher and SCA qualified trainer of the Bazzara Academy. In Bazzara he is Sales Manager continuing to give his creative contribution also to the communication department.
Co-author of the book CoffeExperts.


Press Office

A freelance journalist, he writes for the national newspaper of Citynews Today and the local newspaper TriestePrima. After graduating in communication and journalism and a master in Marketing and made in Italy, she moved to Trieste, dedicating herself to her greatest passion, writing. When she arrived in the city, she couldn't help but fall in love with the unmistakable Trieste coffee by joining the young and dynamic Bazzara team. She loves good food, nature and in her free time she likes to travel and play sports.


Administration dept.

After deciding to change my career path in the last ten years, a series of lucky coincidences led me to Bazzara, a company that follows its goals with great passion, but without forgetting family values ​​and a sense of community.
In Bazzara I take care of the administrative department. Always passionate about graphics, design, visual arts, music, cinema and of course coffee, now I have been able to find all this enclosed here and it is only the beginning.


Marketing dept.

Despite her academic and professional experiences in Italy, the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom, Cristina doesn't give up on a good Italian espresso ... no matter where she is! As a great marketing enthusiast, in Bazzara she guarantees engaging and consistent communication from the cup of coffee to the digital experience.


Customer Care and Export Specialist

I have always been interested in how a company aims for innovation, creativity, to push its limits to create beautiful and stimulating things. This is what Bazzara has been giving me ever since I saw their job advertisement. I would make the same choice over and over again



Martial arts, surf, rock, snowboard ... what do they have in common? Nothing. But these are the passions in which the President of Bazzara loves to invest his energies in, on those rare occasions, in which he manages to not think about coffee or isn’t busy writing books.



My reasons are three (one more professional, one romantic and one adolescent) 1. I had worked several years as a hostess at TriestEspresso and the Bazzara stand (with the final party) had always attracted me 2. I had to find a way to stay in the my beloved Trieste (then I moved anyway but at the time I wasn't ready to leave) 3. I was a wild fan of LiberoVento (Andrea's first band) and I immediately connected the surname


Export manager

Born in Irkutsk, Siberia, to parents both scientists, she began her career at the age of 21 after a master's degree in languages. You live and work in China, then in Moscow and finally in Trieste, where you get a second degree. Watercolor, piano and Camilleri's books, her passions; export manager in Bazzara for 10 years



Photography, video and writing: three different ways of narrating what surrounds us, but we are still talking about storytelling. At the center, the fundamental particle of every type of communication, the content, the real vehicle of emotions


Quality Manager e Bazzara Academy Director

Sensory project manager and Academy Director of the Bazzara Academy, with a degree in Economics and a Master in "Training and Didactics", in the company she deals with quality control, selection and blending of coffee, as well as designing training systems covering the position of Q Arabica Grader and Authorized SCA Trainer (AST). Sensory judge, sommelier and artisan perfumer, his experience touches different sensorial areas, obtaining professional qualifications in the field of tea, honey, chocolate, coffee, water and spirits. Martial artist and sportsman, he has been practicing combat sports at a competitive level for years. Co-author of the book CoffeExperts .



A past as a bassist and punk singer, in order not to damage people's eardrums, he soon decides to devote himself to photography and directing music videos. Like his spiritual mentor Toscani, in his works he loves to provoke and arouse emotions in people



Italian Kung Fu champion and martial arts instructor in the 90s, teaching has always been in his strings. In 1998 he developed IBEA - Italian Barista Espresso Academy -, the first training center on Bazzara coffee and today, in addition to being CEO of the company, he directs and designs the various courses of the Bazzara Academy.



Born and raised in Trieste, she has a degree in Business Management from the University of Trieste. He speaks English and Spanish, and has participated in several international Business Planning and Research projects. Since she was little she has been fascinated by the world of coffee thanks to her father: combining her academic education and her passion, she began her career in Bazzara, a company that she considers innovative and stimulating thanks to its projects, its team and obviously the its unique and quality coffee. She is passionate about basketball and volleyball, and loves cooking desserts for family and friends


Logistics Dept

My name is Niccolò and I am a young graduate in International Relations at the University of Milan. My passions are kayaking and electronic music. Following my studies I was looking for an opportunity for professional growth in my hometown, Trieste and I found in Bazzara the right opportunity to enter a stimulating and innovative environment.


Export dept.

Because with colleagues I feel at home and also in smart working, hearing them on the phone is a pleasure more than a duty, because I love being part of the history of my city built with coffee beans after 9 years abroad, because the elegant style of the company makes me feel pampered and welcomed, because every day I learn to "read" and appreciate more and more that dark drink that we have all gulped down for a lifetime, often without any knowledge of the facts


Digital Specialist

Bazzara represents the elegance and quality of true made in Italy. In love with the imaginary of luxury that emanates, I am very proud to be part of the communication team of this company that gives so much to its employees every day, both emotionally and formally. It is stimulating to know a way that until recently was thought to be bound within the four walls of a bar. Bazzara Espresso is synonymous with quality and excellence and I hope to never stop communicating all this love.


Operation Manager

It is a pleasure to work with colleagues who, in addition to being such, are also friends. Here, when someone needs a hand, there is always the right person, ready and available. We spend most of our lives working, but if the environment is beautiful and stimulating, work becomes fun

They tell us their experience ...

Working at Bazzara Espresso first as a Receptionist
and later as Sales Manager for countries
Spanish-speaking, it marked my path.
She taught me so much, both from the point of view
human and work.


When I joined Bazzara, I was at my first real work experience in a company.
Working there for almost two years, in the Export division, allowed me to learn a lot
thanks to the invaluable and highly competent guidance of the Export Manager Katia.
I joined the company without any technical knowledge,
but Bazzara allowed me to fill this void during the years of work.
I really appreciated the training courses, with which I got to know the artisan and didactic side of coffee,
a fantastic production sector that is always in turmoil, and the opportunity to participate and organize sector events.
In short, having worked in Bazzara meant having been part of a family.


Hi, my name is Maciej and I am Polish. After living 6 years in Genoa
I moved to Trieste, where after having done the various jobs
by pure chance I found an announcement that a Trieste-based company
he was looking for a Polish native speaker to sell coffee in Poland.
And so began my three-year adventure with Bazzara, during which I have
had the pleasure of being part of a company transformation, from a small business
to a great project with a clear vision of its future. Work in the offices at
via Battisti 1 was a very intense period.


Working at Bazzara Espresso first as a Receptionist
and later as Sales Manager for countries
Spanish-speaking, it marked my path.
She taught me so much, both from the point of view
human and work.