Siamo sempre stati attenti agli altri, al sociale. Ci sentiamo in dovere verso la nostra città!

Il nostro impegno sociale racconta le azioni, le iniziative, le opportunità, le competenze e le strategie messe in atto dall’azienda per far emergere le potenzialità del paese e aiutare chi ne ha più bisogno.

Community of San Martino al Campo and to the Friars of the Capuchin Convent in Montuzza

May poor people in Trieste always have a cup of hot coffee” — Franco Bazzara

Bazzara Espresso has always donated coffee yearly to the community of SAN MARTINO AL CAMPO and to the FRIARS OF THE CAPUCHIN CONVENT IN MONTUZZA

Table football for the earthquake victims of Central Italy

We donated some table football to 10 municipalities in earthquake affected areas in Central Italy, including Amatrice and Arquata

Coffee isn’t just a story of aromas, scents or roasting. It is the outcome of a human work, a team work, a chain of individuals bound/chained together to create a unique product. Therefore, at Bazzara we have always paid great attention to others, to their well-being and we have always tried to offer a moment of pleasure to the most needy people.

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We also donate to the following associations:

Amnesty International

Medici senza frontiere

Banco Alimentare - FVG

Free courses at the Bazzara Academy

"Coffee culture always comes first!"

Bazzara Espresso cares about the growth of knowledge and culture of coffee, in Italy and in the world, as evidenced by the numerous events (see the Trieste Coffee Experts ) for this reason very frequently organizes free courses, intended for the general public and also for our stakeholders, on the basis of tasting and sensory analysis !.

La Bazzara Espresso against COVID-19

La pandemia globale che ha colpito l’intero pianeta e non solamente, la nostra piccola nazione, ci ha spinti a fare una donazione all’ospedale di Cattinara - Trieste

"We think that at this moment it is only right to say thank you to the health personnel under pressure due to the emergency - affirms Franco Bazzara - and in our small way we want to make a concrete gesture that can support the very important work that doctors and nurses are doing ".

What they say about us

Nevenka Grdinić - Consul General of Croatia

“I would like to thank you also on behalf of the Croatian Government for your generous offer coming after a particularly tragic period, above all for the County of Sisak-Moslavina, bearing the highest burden in terms of human losses. In the emergency response actions, activated immediately after the earthquake and continuing working now, your compromise to help the damaged populations, is deeply appreciated."

Dr. Antonio Poggiana - ASUGI - FVG Autonomous Region

On behalf of the entire University Health regional body based in Trieste, a deeply thank for your generosity, shown through this donation which will be entirely devolved to the hospitals involved in the treatment of Covid-19 patients.