592 pages entirely dedicated to cappuccino, the most popular coffee-based recipe

Italian Cappuccino Latte Art


Given the increasing interest in cappuccino, both by consumers and baristas, the authors have decided to make this typical Italian breakfast beverage the star of their third book. Italian Cappuccino Latte Art was first published in 2012 and that same year won the SCAE “Best product of the show” award in Vienna.

The book is bilingual, both in English and Italian, and entirely dedicated to the science of Cappuccino, where the 5 “L” concept was first used.

In the 2015 edition 11 new Latte Art decorations were added to the 111 Latte Art tutorials of the previous edition, and a new chapter about 3D Cappuccino.

Although it has been conceived as a text for the general public, it does have a wealth of technical content; not only does it present the basic rules for correct preparation and tasting of cappuccino, it also reveals the fascinating technique of Latte Art.

The topics are dealt with from an innovative point of view. It presents many elements that have never before been set into print, along with hundreds of photographs and a multitude of drawings; everything needed to make this a truly precious work for anyone approaching or professionally dealing with this beloved Italian beverage.

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1. Cappuccino & Espresso2. The 5 Ls (Latte, Lattiera, Lancia, Lavorazione, Latte Art)3. Cappuccino Tasting4. Cappuccino World5. Latte Art secrets6. New designs7. Cappuccino 3D


Franco and Mauro Bazzara