The first perfumery courses in the heart of Trieste: ready for the Open Day IPA at the Bazzara Academy 

New job and training perspectives are soon to be found in Trieste: the Bazzara Academy launches its first new training project connected to the perfumery worls and it will open its doors, Via Battisti n.1 Trieste, on Saturday 28th January from 2.30 to 5.30 p.m. With this innovative proposal by IPA “Italian Perfumery Cademy”, our company dives more and more in a typically Italian scenario, not only with the usual high level coffee courses, but also rediscovering another as old as fascinating art, promoting it in a modern perspective.

The course of the Italian Perfumery Academy focus on the creation, formulation, assessment and production of fragrances, but not only: the program is, indeed, enriched with a part dedicated to the flavour world, which will be considered in this case in the food & beverage sector, thus connected to the assessment technique of a beverage, providing a more comprehensive perspective with the objective of training new professionals. The responsible for this training program in the company will be Marco Bazzara, Sensory Project Manager and Academy Director.

The courses will be organised with the “camp” format, already tested in the Academy, especially for foreign participants and for those who, due to distance reasons, cannot take part in the local session realised one evening per week, so as to absorb the contents of the same week and practice for the next one.

Marco Bazzara, creative perfumer, explain the aim and concept behind this initiative:

Bazzara has been working on the promotion of coffee since always. We are inside the production chain but, however in love with the product coffee, we actually focus on the 360° promotion of the Italian Beauty. This means that we focus on everything characterising this concept. If we think about perfumery as the art of blending oils and rare materials, the origins were in Italy and then the products were exported in France to be developed and inserted over the centuries in a more profitable and impacting context. The aim of IPA is to give value to the flair of Italian perfumery masters from a modern perspective, this way uniting the art of perfumery and the one of sommellerie: a new formula to have a comprehensive approach on a multisensorial level”.

In a nutshell: ideal courses for coffee experts, but not only, because they help to enrich one’s smells knowledge and widen one’s perceptions. The IPA courses put together the technical and theoretical preparation of the perfumer’s nose, fundamental in the perfumery sector to detect and assess fragrances through the sense of smell, and the sensorial skills of the taster who is known to be an expert in the flavour analysis concerning its aromatic, tactile and taste features thanks to the knowledge and skills connected to the food & beverage since always.

The Italian Perfumery Academy wants to represent a strongpoint in the artisanal perfumery, able to offer a unique training experience, dedicated to everyone. This is possible also thanks to the experiences I have made in the sectors connected to the coffee world, such as, wine, tea, spirits, honey, water, and chocolate. – adds Marco Bazzara – My aim ad certified perfumer is to give back to my city its value and a new perspective to make it a forerunner of a cultural movement: a renaissance for the artistic and creative perfumery. That is why on 28th January we will open the doors of our Academy to offer to the citizens of Trieste and to everyone who wants it to spend a perfumed afternoon together with friends with the aim of experimenting and discovering the world of fragrances through a series of sensorial workshops which anticipate many of the topic dealt with in our courses”.