From Busan to the Bazzara Academy: two Korean journalists from the Busan Ilbo are company’s guests for an article on the Trieste Coffee Experts summit

From South Korea visiting the Bazzara Academy to discover all the secrets of coffee with Marco and Franco Bazzara: two journalists from the Busan Ilbo, one of the most renowned newspapers in the Asian country, recently visited the city for a full immersion in the “Trieste city of coffee” to discover the most interesting news regarding the birth of the event organized by Bazzara which brings together important national and international personalities, the “coffee experts”, to discuss and reflect on the future of the sector.

Journalist Young Mi interviewed Franco Bazzara, President of the roasting company from Trieste, who had the pleasure of talking about the idea, the birth of the project, its supporters, making an excursus as well on the important company history and 50 years in the coffee industry of the roasting firm, with the family passion handed down from generation to generation. The journalists, who came to Trieste to find out what events are linked to the world of coffee and are organized in the city, thus discovered the engine and heart that animates the Trieste Coffee Experts byBazzara, a biennial event entirely dedicated to the future of the black elixir and which this year will be held in the city of Trieste on November 25thand 26th, 2023.

A visit that certainly has a reason, a common vision, and objectives. Indeed, the city of Busan is taking important steps towards becoming a global coffee city. The launch of the Coffee City BusanForum was important, a project of great significance that is preparing to host major coffee events, including the National Barista Contest. The Busan Coffee City Forum’s efforts are instrumental in making Busan a perfect city for coffee, comparable to global coffee cities such as Seattle, Vienna, Melbourne and Trieste.

A collaboration born between the city of Busan, the Busan City Council, the Busan Daily and the coffee industry who have agreed to promote sustainable growth and create an ecosystem for the coffee industry in the city of Busan. About 60 experts from each division, focusing on a total of 7 divisions, including technology and research and development (R&D), subsidiary equipment and materials, manpower training, branding, tourism, logistics and culture, hold meetings twice a year to develop Busan in this industry. In addition, the city of Busan has joined the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) to promote the “Sustainable Coffee City Busan” brand and grow the industry globally, striving to establish the right culture for the emergence of the coffee industry. In fact, Busan is carrying out various projects to make Busan a “sustainable coffee city”. As a representative example, Busan Technopark is building a “green bean library platform” which scientifically analyses green beans to obtain objective taste data.

The visit of the journalists at Bazzara was a very welcomed surprise that underlines the most significant characteristic of the roasting company, i.e., staying together to create culture and “network” in the world of coffee, aware that it is essential to merge energies for commonsuccess. Furthermore, for Busan “Global City of Coffee”, the Trieste Coffee Experts is an excellent example to follow, this year’s event will in fact have as its main theme the future of coffee oriented towards innovation and sustainability. Entitled “Innovation & Sustainability Oriented”, this year’s edition of Trieste Coffee Experts will feature important speeches concerning the culture, innovation and digital transition of coffee. Finally, the constant commitment of the Trieste-based company should not be forgotten, which has embarked on a real path of awareness and responsibility aimed at generating new stimuli for the future with a constant eye on the UN Agenda for sustainable development.