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In 1999, the brothers Franco and Mauro Bazzara had the idea of writing "Epresso Coffee: a journey in its world" published in 2000 and forefather of a real series dedicated to coffee

In 2004 "The Espresso coffee production system" is indeed published. Today it is in its 7th re-edition. They then publish "Coffee tasting" (2010) and "Italian Cappuccino Latte-Art" (2012), the latter winner of the prize "New Product of the Show" at the SCAE World of Coffee in Vienna in 2012.

Espresso coffee production system

Coffee Tasting

Cappuccino Italiano. Latte-Art

Coffee Experts

Espresso coffee production system

200 pages of illustrations telling the path followed by coffee from green to the cup

The coffee plant, the harvesting and processing of fruit, the long journey of green coffee in jute bags, the know-how of roasting and golden rules for a perfect espresso. Over 100 demonstrative illustrations, more than 100 photos, almost 200 pages in Italian and English versions. The wealth of technical content, graphics, the interventions of some of the greatest experts in the world of coffee and the contribution of some of the best-known international companies in the sector make the volume unique and indispensable.

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Coffee Tasting

384 pages dedicated to the fascinating world of professional coffee tasting.

A unique volume, in Italian and in English, dedicated to the fascinating world of professional coffee tasting. More than 500 illustration to enrich it, and several speeches by renowned experts of the Italian espresso. A whole section is dedicated to the several existing methods to prepare coffee: from traditional processes to more original systems. A book becoming a fundamental source of information for those who want to discover and deepen coffee tasting.

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Italian cappuccino. Latte Art

592 pages entirely dedicated to cappuccino, the most popular coffee-based recipe

The first edition, published in 2012, won the same year the Best product of the show award at the WOC in Vienna. The book is a bilingual Italian-English manual, dedicated to the science of cappuccino, in which the 5 L's of cappuccino were minted for the first time.

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Available from 10 December 2021

On arrival, the last literary work of Bazzara Espresso. The last difficult years, marked by the global health emergency, have led Andrea and Marco Bazzara, the third generation of the family, to write the new book by Bazzara Espresso - The Coffee Experts. The new volume aims to connect all the characters of the coffee supply chain (roasters, forwarders, brokers) in order to give complete answers to the questions that have been orbiting in the coffee sector for years.

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