Bazzara launches their campaign “For those who know what to choose”

Bazzara, an artisan roasting company that exports high quality blends abroad for years, has chosen to start the advertising campaign “For those who know what to choose” to approach the Italian market and expand its brand awareness on the consumer target, through the implementation of a communication plan via digital media.

Developed in multichannel logic, the campaign includes several high impact activities both on desktop and mobile – as an Adv advertising display on the Google network, Search Adv and social ads on Facebook – and is based on an evocative communication, conveyed through videos and images that invite the consumer to reflect on the impact of each choice of their lifestyle. «The first commercial, starring actress Zita Fusco, inaugurates a trend whose main theme will be the claim “for those who know what to choose”- explains Adriano Rosso, art director of the spot – and focuses on the extraordinary balance of a blend that contains in itself twelve different origins of Arabica, winking at a conscious audience whom is able to recognize the true quality, through the final sequence where the narrating voice whispers “For those who bring their lips close to the cup and stop the world for a moment …”».

The first planned phase of the campaign involves online newspapers and portals of different kinds: at the end of April it saw its start with a series of pre-roll videos on the news network of La Repubblica, in May and June it will develop on other magazines, as well as on Facebook and Instagram channels.

«We are happy to have started this project – says Franco Bazzara, owner of the homonymous company -. Our innovative technological approach has always fascinated us and therefore we enthusiastically seized the challenge that our internal communications team launched».

«For Italy we have chosen to offer the finest blend, the Dodicigrancru, concised into four formats between pods and compatible capsules – adds the managing director Mauro Bazzara – and I want to take this opportunity to thank Matteo Prodan and Jorge Muchut, respectively film director and director of photography, which together alongside Adriano have managed to make a commercial that in terms of atmosphere and message conveyed, seems perfect for communicating a coffee with an artisan style, sophisticated and respectful of traditions – designed for consumers who love gourmet products whom are able to appreciate the complexity of a blend in which perfectly merges “natural” and “washed” coffee: a mix that allows the body and cream to be found in the cup, but at the same time enhances the vivacity of taste and finer notes».