High cost of living: Bazzara prepares an inflation bonus from 1000 to 3000 euros for its employees

The support to the employees against the high costs of living, even if normally present in big companies, also involves many small enterprises. This is the case for Bazzara, a small and historical roasting company in the heart of Trieste, which, in its welfare politics, gave to its employees from 1000 to 3000 euros each, for a total amount of more than 25.000 euros net considering employees and collaborators, distributed to the members of the group as fringe benefits usable as coupons for gasoline, grocery, Christmas baskets or refunds for the house energy bills. An important help which comes from the Trieste company to face the higher costs of living and to help the employees in going through the difficult historical period: the higher costs in the bills and the inflation of the last year. We should go back to he ‘80s to find such a high inflation. This is a news which makes Bazzara very proud. The company has always worked, indeed, to create connections among the people and it has always believed that keeping high the value of the job done by a team, benefits not only the company but it also allows to create a stronger bond among the employees.

Thanks to the new laws and as established by the Decreto AIuti Bis, to face especially the energetic crisis, it will be possible to use the money the companies decide to give also to pay the house bills connected to water, light and gas. This news makes possible for the companies to promote new solutions in the field of the company welfare. We are talking about already experimented actions, which however now want to deal with and emergency situation. This is a choice that Bazzara makes as the crowning of its sustainability course: a sustainability which is not only environmental but also social and economical to reach what is defined as common good.

It is worth it to remember that Bazzara became a Benefit Company in December 2021. The company included in its statute some specific aims connected to the common good, making stronger the basis for the long-term mission. As Mauro Bazzara, CEO of the company, says, “taking care of the common good is a responsibility of each individual and it involves also the ability of create value, not only profit, working to have a positive impact on the people and the environment”. A notary deed signed in the presence of the company board signed the important passage already forecast by some steps, such as the creation of an organic line, some recycling and reforestation actions with Treedom, as well as the interest given to people and positive energy politics. A change which is now finally concrete. In 2021 the company also got the certification Fairtrade and it started to work also for the Rainforest one. Today there are still many goals to work for with dedication also to get the certification as a BCorp. The Presidente Franco Bazzara explains, “we have the responsibility to define the future direction of the company. For this reason we established some fundamental action areas which we consider consistent and attainable compared to our current possibilities and the values which characterise us and in which we strongly believe”.

We want also to remember that among the aims for the common good, included in the company stature, some stand out, such as the work for the environment, declined in many different ways, the development of practices and sustainable innovation processes, as well as the intention of having a positive impact on people and supporting collaborations and synergies with the stakeholders.

In Italy, In Europe, over the world, we perfectly know that every company, included the ones in the coffee sector, are living very difficult moments. In this context, many challenges are waiting for us and one of these is for sure the transition towards sustainability – stated Mauro Bazzara on the occasion of the Trieste Coffee Experts 2023 Preview – I have the point of view of the typical small-medium Italian enterprise. People are consuming more energy than the amount our planet Earth is able to recreate in one year. Of course, we trust in the governments as well as in the big public and private authorities, but companies have a fundamental role too. A role in this transition towards sustainability. That is why it is fundamental to go from a linear economy idea, which is extractive, where the created value is lower than the gained one, to a regenerating economy where the value created by the company is higher than the gained one. We are referring of course not only to the economical value but also to the social and environmental one, which every company around the world can contribute to, regardless the kind of proportion”.

Working for profits but aiming at a higher value for the society and the environment. This is the objective of the Benefit Corporations. This idea, these intentions, these values have been summarised by Bazzara in a private “Sustainability Charter” translated as “Coffee for Sustainability”, also represented by the company purpose: “Coffee for Pleasure, People & Planet”.

For the environment passing through people, the company decided to bet on its team: “a group in which we strongly believe. That is why we started an inclusion process towards the company goals: not only actions of general welfare, but also benefits, especially in this period of higher bills. Every action aims at the wellbeing of the people who work with us”.