Bazzara presents its new projects at Sigep – The Dolce World Expo in Rimini

It is time for new projects at Bazzara and they will be presented at Sigep, on Tuesday 24th January with two speeches by Marco and Andrea Bazzara. The 44th International Exhibition of artisanal ice cream making, patisserie, baking and coffee will take place in the exhibition centre of Rimini at the end of January and is the reference point for the innovations in the sector of the Dolce Foodservice.

This international fair represents a gathering moment for high-level stakeholders: the ideal stage for Bazzara to let Marco Bazzara, Sensory Project Manager and Academy Director present IPAItalian Perfumery Academy”, the new ambitious project of the Bazzara Academy with its new training offer and the services proposed by the Academy dedicated to the perfumery world. It will be an important moment also for Marco’s brother, Andrea Bazzara, Sales manager of the company, who will present the 6th edition of he TCE and the recent reprints of the sought-after Bazzara coffeebooks “The Espresso Coffee production System” and “Coffee Tasting”, introducing the news in the two volumes, their new graphics and the new contributor who participated in the project.

The new perfumery courses

Since the very first moment Marco Bazzara became responsible for the development of the Academy, he always gave his personal mark to the training offer, using his rich knowledge background in the field of sensorial analysis. This is not limited to the secrets of the black drink, but it also concerns wine, spirits, chocolate, water, honey, tea and fragrances. Therefore, Marco Bazzara has designed a series of courses able to analyse the several aspects of the production chain also from new perspectives in order to lure and keep alive the attention of professionals as well as of those dealing with the sensorial world in a comprehensive way. The courses of the Italian Perfumery Academy focus on the creation, formulation, assessment and production of fragrances, but not only: the program is, indeed, enriched with a part dedicated to the flavour world, which will be considered in this case in the food & beverage sector, thus connected to the assessment technique of a beverage, providing a more comprehensive perspective with the objective of training new professionals. The courses IPA proposed by the Bazzara Academy put together the technical and theoretical preparation of the perfumer’s nose, fundamental in the perfumery sector to detect and assess fragrances through the sense of smell, and the sensorial skills of the taster who is known to be an expert in the flavour analysis concerning its aromatic, tactile and taste features thanks to the knowledge and skills connected to the food & beverage since always.

Bazzara CoffeeBooks

The presence of Bazzara at the Sigep in Rimini will also be the occasion to present the last publishing project of the Bazzara family and led by Andrea Bazzara. The books are already available online and very soon will be on Amazon and in the best academies. “The Espresso Coffee Production Chain” went from 216 to 300 pages, being thus enriched with 84 new pages. “Coffee Tasting”, on its side, went from 384 to 444 pages, adding 60 new pages. The books are now in their 6th and 8th edition but they still are very requested by the public. This new version, which is enriched with many new pictures and the update of some speeches, was designed with the contribution of many important entities, such as, Cimbali, Rancilio, IMA Petroncini and Club House, just to name some of them. This publishing project can, moreover, boast the support of international exhibitions such as, Internorga, Cafeex Shanghai, Thailand Coffee,Tea & Drinks, Cafeshow Vietnam and many more.

Among the great names, we can mention some just as examples. Giuseppe Biffi, who works for the digital transformation of companies at Siemens; the contribution given by Luigi Odello, President of the International Institute of Coffee Tasters and CEO of the Italian Espresso Institute and, Luca Gilberti, Commercial Director of the Group IMA Petroncini. It is worth it to name also Cosimo Libardo, Treasurer of the SCA Board of Directors. The perfect frame for these two books is represented by many wonderful high-level illustrations and pictures coming from the most famous coffee producing countries, especially designed graphics which contribute to the realisation of a publishing project involving several realities.

Presentation of the TCE

And it is not over yet! Andrea Bazzara will also present the 6th edition of the TCE (Trieste Coffee Experts) 2023. An event which will take place in Trieste, Italian Capital of coffee, and which gather the main characters of the coffee sector. On the occasion of the event, the most current topics concerning the entire coffee production system will be dealt with and it will be an occasion of reflection and sharing allowing, through dialogue, to detect and face the challenges of the market, as well as highlight the need of networking. This has always been a focus for the Bazzara family: unite the strengths of the sector and support the exchange of knowledge and experiences to increase the several professionalism. With this event, the company wants to give value to and promote the culture of high-quality espresso coffee, supporting the birth of new synergies among the protagonist of Italian coffee. An event dedicated to the needs of the coffee sector which looks towards the future with optimism always cherishing its history and bever forgetting innovation from a green perspective: objectives that Bazzara has been promoting for decades.

We wait for you in Rimini on 24th January in the Coffee Arena!