Anthropocentrism, resilience ands sustainability: Bazzara goes towards the metaverse and the industry 5.0

The video of the success registered during the presentation of the TCE preview thanks to important guests of the field coming from all over Italy. Key topic: sustainability.

The summit organised by Bazzara and dedicated to the coffee world will be finally live on its 6th edition at the end of November with a wide range of participants both national and international. Many companies have already joined and confirmed their presence as exclusive partners. An example, Clubhouse with Carlo Barbi, CEO and CDO of the company, this year again our partner as diamond sponsor. “Networking and creating a shared knowledge is a very difficult task in our country, Italy, where we can find 8000 municipalities. The Bazzara family, with the kindness and skills that characterise it, has been able to design over the years an event, the TCE, which involves the entire coffee industry through the participation of many renown names of the sector with the aim of creating a community able to make the entire sector grow. We are really pleased and honoured of having the opportunity to participate in this initiative since the very beginning”.

(FOTO: Cosimo Libardo, treasurer of the International Board of the Specialty Coffee Association on the occasion of the TCE Preview at the TriestEspresso Expo).

Bazzara is ready to present the Trieste Coffee Experts – TCE, the unique biennial summit which will come back at the end of 2023 with important news concerning especially the topics of sustainability and innovation. After the great success registered during the preview organised by the historical Trieste roasting company on the occasion of the TriestEspresso Expo, many partners have already joined the project.

This success was also thanks to the participation of the main Italian coffee sector representatives who took part in the opening event in October. Just to name some of them: Luigi Morello, President of the Italian Espresso Institute (IEI); Michele Cannone and Edoardo Cucco, Global Brand Director and Brand Manager of Lavazza; Massimo Renda, President of Caffè Borbone; Giuseppe Biffi, Digital Enterprise Siemens and Cosimo Libardo, Treasurer of the International Board of the Specialty Coffee Association.

When you are a small company, how can you face the market? You have to start from the foundations, from the creation of a system of shared values which must be clear inside the company”, says Cosimo Libardo. “This means creating a clear identity. The system of values are more and more important and they represent a possibility for small and medium enterprises in the coffee field, if they work in a certain way and with a certain mindset”.

During the event, Giuseppe Biffi of Siemens also said, “We are putting ourselves in the game as far as sustainability is concerned. Our plants will be “0 impact” within 2030 and we already have done much. However, we also want to help our partners, our customers, the companies we work with”.

On the occasion of the preview the most current topics were dealt with, especially those concerning the entire coffee production system, with a specific focus on sustainability. It was an opportunity to think and to share which through dialogue allowed to identify the best way to face the challenges of the market and highlighted the need of “networking”: unite the strengths of the entire sector, support the exchange of knowledge and expertise to improve each professionalism. These are the objectives that Bazzara has been pursuing since always in its communication and culture divulgation job, uniting the powers of professionals and enthusiasts.

The preview of the TCE was a wonderful occasion not only to know and understand the clearer direction that the companies of this sector are going, with huge improvements and with environment and sustainability always in the foreground, but also it allowed a better knowledge and a media launch: many participating partners got a greater exposure for them and their logo thanks to the 360 degrees event presentation.

Mauro Bazzara, CEO of the company, underlined in his speech especially the need of a cultural change and a change of the business model which takes us from a linear pattern with a no limit extraction to the awareness of the need of a circular pattern which ideally freezes the extraction state at the minimum level needed. “Our reference point is the Agenda 2030. The purpose of our company can, thus, be summarised in the words Coffee for Pleasure, People & Planet. This means for us, also as a Benefit Society, not only offering a sustainable product but also being a sustainable company. Among our new goals of common benefit enlisted in our statute, indeed, some stand out, especially those concerning the compromise for the environment from different perspectives, the development of sustainable innovation practices and processes, the attention to have a positive impact on people and the will of supporting collaborations and synergies with all the stakeholders”.