For three generations, we have lovingly selected the finest Arabica varieties to offer the most delicious taste of the Italian Lifestyle


From North to South America, eleven Arabicas map out an itinerary that will guide you to discover aromas and flavors capable of revealing the most authentic expression of the continent.

Trace the path of the ancient Pan-American route, rediscovering the passion and fragrances that color it. Hints of exotic fruit and cocoa pulp blend with pastry notes, providing a sweet and balanced flavor to a unique blend in the world.


Mexico Washed Altura, Guatemala Washed SHB, Salvador Washed SHG, Honduras Washed SHG, Nicaragua Matagalpa, Costa Rica Washed SHB, Panama Geisha, Colombia Supremo, Ecuador Washed, Peru Washed, Brazil Yellow Bourbon


Fruity; Honeyed; Creamy;


A 100% Arabica blend that takes you on a journey to explore and rediscover all the aromas and nuances of the African continent, combined in a coffee with a wild spirit and an inimitable taste.

Awaken the primordial alliance between man and nature: from the mineral hints of the warm African lands emerge vibrant citrus and wine notes. Rediscover all the colors of the cradle of humanity in the unmistakable taste of a blend.


Ethiopia Selection, Kenya AA, Uganda Natural DR, Congo Washed, Rwanda Washed, Burundi Washed, Tanzania AA, Malawi Washed, Zimbabwe AA.


Liqueur-like; Citrusy; Floral;


The quest for the essence of a continent in the uniqueness of a 100% Arabica blend. A journey through Asia along the ancient spice route allows you to savor the richness and aroma of oriental tradition.

The thousand faces of the Asian continent fused into a unique, balanced flavor. In a syrupy body, the bold notes of the Nepalese peaks, the fruits of the lush Indonesian forests, and a warm peppery finish are reconciled.


China Washed, India Plantation, Nepal Everest, Myanmar Finest, Indonesia Wet Hulled, Papua New Guinea.


Spicy; Caramel; Chocolaty;