Trieste Coffee Experts

In 2014 we brought forth the first Trieste Coffee Experts, the summit that brings together the protagonists of Italian coffee in Trieste.

An opportunity for reflection and comparison in order to address topics and issues concerning the coffee chain, worldwide.

An event that through dialogue, allows to identify the best way to face the challenges of the market and emphasizes the need to network and promote the exchange of knowledge and experience to increase mutual professionalism.

Trieste Coffee Experts is part of our commitment in order to enhance and promote quality espresso culture: we create events to promote the creation of synergies among the protagonists of  Italian coffee.

Trieste Coffee Experts 2019


21.09.2019 — COFFEE DESTINY

— 1 FOURTH WAVE Probably no one knows yet exactly what is going to happen to coffee within the global market, but that of which we are certain of is that the commodity in question has been included conventionally within 3 historical and sociological waves that mark a watershed in the time axis. More and more we hear of a “4th wave”; there are already some forecasts on the dynamics that characterize it, such as the concept of “global community” that will see, as the main focus, the relationship between people sharing knowledge and experiences. Also interesting to consider how the bartender, main figure of the “Third Wave”, should rethink or even reinvent his or her role in this New Wave. Will future coffee be served by a drone in a “hyper reality” setting? Will new trends bring the consumer to order green coffee via smartphone, directly from the manufacturer and then roast it in turn by means of new accessible technologies? Will we ride the wave or get swallowed up by it?

— 2 DEGUSTO ERGO SUM here are several reports concerning the Black Elixir: from its birth in Ethiopia, to its world invasion in the course of the centuries, to its different forms of consumption… However, one sure piece of fascinating news is that it that of its evolution in taste thanks to the scientific research of different operators who,through the use of technology, brought the drink to “explode” on a sensory level. Operations carried out directly in plantation, accurate laboratory selection in regards to the best beans,have been giving us for a few decades,exotic and meditative tastings. Based on the assumption that this nervine drink in question never stops surprising us, thanks to the passion of some professional tasters, varied possibilities of sensory matching between different agri-food products. What new emotions will coffee offer us in the future?

— 3 AGGREGATION CONTAMINATION AND SUSTAINABILITY One of the most exciting and hopeful of words of our time is “contamination”; with this term what must be understood, in this case, is our commitment to share information and experiences deriving from more professional fields with the aim of expanding the Italian “know how” be it intended in the art of roasting quality coffee, or be it in the technical care and aesthetics in building masterpieces of modern architecture, like our coffee machines and coffee grinders; but surely in this context, one of the more interesting and proactive aspects is represented by the approach of the consumer countries with the producing countries of coffee, with the intent to meet and share their knowledge for the greater good of the coffee chain. The Italian coffee sector has been also permeated by ruthless competition, but things lately seem to have changed for the better and all of this is thanks to us, the coffee-men of the new millennium, who have sensed the importance of a gathering in order to increase each other’s know-how.




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