From the dream of an artisan from Trieste to the reality of an international company

In Trieste you can breathe coffee in the air. Since the beginning of 1700 its port has been welcoming the first ships from the Ottoman Empire, loaded with coffee. Twenty years later, thanks to the Porto Franco (Free Trade Port), the city became the most important port of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and one of the most important ports for the unloading of coffee beans. In those years the first stores were opened for tasting and purchasing freshly roasted coffee. At the beginning of the nineteenth century the master roasters of Trieste invented something extraordinary: the blend. A coffee story so fascinating to attract Dioniso Bazzara who in 1966 decided to take over the roasting company “La Brasiliana-Industria Triestina del Caffè”.

Since that day, the Bazzara family has been selecting the best qualities of Arabica and Robusta with love, in order to give you an exquisite taste of the Italian lifestyle. For us this means coffee which is always fresh, only from lots of the best areas in the world, with a slow and balanced roasting for each origin. Every cup holds a fascinating story which begins in the plantations of four different continents and continues with the long journey of the coffee beans to the world capital of espresso: with every sip, symphonies of flavours, will bring you along on a journey to discover faraway places and exotic aromas.


A design which conveys excellent products, reminders of a lifestyle…

2014 – a deep change, from the business name to the product line, through a revamp of the logo and packaging, the result of a long-time work which started from analyzing the evolution of the modern consumer. Our costumers love quality and details. They seek a product with a set of values consistent to their own, which is why, like the sculptor who scrubs off, polishes and refines to make a beautiful face out of a stone, we decided to take a snapshot of our core values and convey them in their essence. The coffee bean which was once the frame of the old logo, is now a pictogram which symbolizes the delicate coffee flower, the origin. At the same time, the new logo looks at the millennial culture and tradition of Italy, getting the inspiration from the classical font designed by Gianbattista Bodoni in the second half of the eighteenth century.

The essence of our product can be found here as well: we simplified the character, to the point of eliminating some elements, to obtain an interrupted stencil like the ones used on the jute bags and on oak barrels for the Jamaica Blue Mountain. Rethinking the name of the blends was a natural consequence: Gustoitaliano; Dolcevivace; Aromamore; Grancappuccino; Piacerepuro; Dodicigrancru, imaginary idiomatica expression which translate into Italian words and sounds the features of each blend, leaving the English behind.

Bazzara Dodicigrancru – capsules / 250 g / 1 kg