Future coffee: Sustainability and INNOVATION Oriented

25 - 26 NOVEMBER 2023
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25 november 2023

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26 november 2023

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Future coffee: sustainability anche innovation – the title of the sixth edition of the Trieste Coffee Experts anticipates the topics that will be covered during the convention. Nowadays, everything revolves around the topic of “sustainability”, which inevitably represents the focus on which the development and research departments of those far-sighted companies who want to innovate are concentrating, certainly to obtain a competitive advantage in commercial terms but which at the same time at the same time they want to be able to generate well-being for the entire ecosystem within which they operate, thus guaranteeing the basis for looking to the future with confidence and serenity. The speeches, entrusted to executives of leading companies in the sector, will therefore allow us to look at the future of coffee – a future characterized both by digital habits and by attention to new or lost values.


h. 13.30
Registration and welcome coffee maker

h. 14.00

  h. 14.30 > Verso una filiera sostenibile
Tamara Gómez Marín (Counsellor and Consul General of Costa Rica in Italy) >
Sustainable development in coffee culture in Costa Rica
Massimiliano Fabian (ICO) >
The ICO’s action for a sustainable world of coffee
Andrea Degl’Innocenti (ICE)
Manuela Cadeddu (EY)
Daniele Dell’Orco (Cacao Crudo) >
TrackIT blockchain: the digital project that
supports Italian SMEs in the fight against counterfeiting and Italian sounding

h. 15.20 > SOStenibilità
Thomas Zulian (Fairtrade Italia) >
Fairtrade’s responses to supply chain challenges
Eleonora Pirovano (IWCA Italia) >
Female empowerment in the coffee supply chain
Emanuele Dughera & Silvia Rota (Slow Food Coffee Coalition) >
A good, clean and fair coffee

h. 16.00
Coffee Break

h. 16.30 > Esempi di sostenibilità
Rudi Albert (Alkaff) >
Coffee and sustainability
Francesca Marchi (Area Science Park) >
Circular economy and industrial symbiosis: coffee sector case histories
Sergio Barbarisi  (BWT) >
BWT water and coffee: sustainability that does not come (only) from technology
Maurizio Giuli (Simonelli Group) >
Innovate to support
Mauro Bazzara (Bazzara Caffè) >
Sustainable purpose as a new model for creating value
Michele Cannone (Lavazza) >
Lavazza: how to bring a story of sustainability to life

h. 18.00
Coffee break

h. 18.20

h. 19.15
End of the first day

h. 19.30


h. 09.30
Registration and welcome coffee maker

h. 10.00

  h. 10.15 > Quality culture and communication 
Luigi Morello (IEI) >
Espresso EvolutiON
Luigi Odello (IIAC) >
Sensory communication workshop
Enrico Metti (Brita) > 
Water treatment is now SMART! A data driven
approach to guarantee 
quality, efficiency and sustainability
Carlos Gonzalez (Rancilio) >
The enhancement of espresso through technology
Andrea Lattuada
Claudio Valdetara (RHEA Vendors) >
The Barist-Ai

ore 11.30
Coffee break

  h. 12.00 > L’innovazione verso il nuovo paradigma 5.0  
Riccardo Borsatti (Siemens) >
Industrial Metaverse: hype or hope?
Paolo Andrigo (Accenture) >
The impact of digital on the coffee supply chain
Nicola Panzani (IMA Petroncini) >
Sustainable technology and innovation for coffee roasters
Marco Bortolussi (Pininfarina) >
Sustainability: the design imperative
Massimo Renda (Caffè Borbone) >
Circular economy and innovation to give
new life to materials

h. 13.30
Light lunch

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