Bazzara Academy becomes SCA Premier Training Campus

Pioneer Member of the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe since 1998, Bazzara continues along the path of quality coffee promotion and diffusion, reaching a new milestone: following the inspection of Owen Thom – Training & Quality Coordinator SCA –, the Bazzara Academy joins officially the leading international network of SCA Premier Training Campuses which, unlike the Authorised Training Venues, have to meet very specific and restrictive requirements including – among the others – the classrooms’ width, luminosity, ventilation, climate control, the absence of external noise, health and safety procedures, logistics and internal organizations, the water and coffee quality along the suitability of the equipment.
The Bazzara Academy is situated in an Art Nouveau building in the heart of Trieste, considered the Italian capital city of espresso coffee for more than three centuries. The school is 250 m and it is divided into four main spaces: the Training Centre, the Cupping&Roasting Lab, the Brewing&Sensory Area. Each area has passed the inspection tests, proving to be perfectly in line with SCA standards and protocols. This results was also possible thanks to the state-of-the-art equipment that the Bazzara Academy offers to its students: the top models by Astoria, Bunn, BWT,
Cimbali, Dalla Corte, Mahlkönig, Nuova Simonelli, Petroncini, Sanremo; dozens of tools which allow many students to learn different extraction methods and using various appliances for the
evaluation of green and roasted coffee.
The Bazzara Academy is the first Italian facility certified by SCA as Premier Training Campus for all the Sensory & Green, Barista & Brewing and Roasting (Add-on) modules and levels. A recognition that certifies the quality of the training offered, intended by SCA as a way to support everyone who is looking at the vast universe of coffee training courses. The SCA Campuses, in fact, can be found everywhere and their main goal is to build a network which gives to the professionals of the coffee sector the possibility of being proficient in all the internationally recognised training modules of the SCA Coffee Diploma System, thus approaching to a high-profile career in the specialty coffee sector.
The Bazzara Academy training team is guided by Mauro Bazzara – coffee trainer since the nineties, AST since 2014 and author of specialist books about coffee – is able to deliver courses in various languages besides English and Italian, overcoming the linguistic barriers, thanks to the support of specialized interpreters and a network of experts able to deliver a 360°overview about coffee.