Bazzara presents their DODICIGRANCRU blend in pods and capsules at Sigep

From 20th to 24th January, Bazzara will be at Sigep Rimini with a stand characterized by the distinctive modern elegance that has been defining the product lines in the last few years, made up of soft lines and by the white, grey and blue colour scheme: 100 square metres (Pad D2 – Stand 064) divided into 3 main areas that will host the three main core activities of this Trieste-based company.

Two of these areas will offer coffee professionals and enthusiasts the opportunity to taste the Bazzara blends and besides the beans, created for coffee shops and restaurants,  a big news will be presented at the Rimini event for the first time: Bazzara has entered the world of the single-serve coffee.

Bazzara, in fact, is expanding its top range Dodicigrancru with pods and capsules. The extraordinary balance of twelve of the best “Coffea Arabica Grand Cru” of the world created by the Bazzara Brothers, will be now available to all the high quality coffee enthusiasts at home, thanks to the new 44mm pods and a range of capsules compatible with the Nespresso®*, ESPRESSO POINT®*, A MODO MIO®* and LAVAZZA®* systems. Capsules and pods will be distributed respectively in boxes of 25 and 35 pieces and individually packaged in order to preserve all the blend’s characteristics and peculiarities.

The single-serve project is part of the Bazzara business development plan, aiming at the Italian market for the first time as well as consolidating its position in the 25 countries where it has been working for  decades.

The third area will be entirely dedicated to the Bazzara Academy: here, thanks to the AST (Authorised SCA Trainer) Marco Bazzara, visitors will discover all the courses in the 2018 calendar and learn more about custom made options.

Sigep will host the International finals of the WCE (World Coffee Events) championship promoted by SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) and, in this sense, it represents the perfect occasion to introduce the first certified SCA Premier Training Campus in Italy for all the modules and levels of the new Coffee Skills Program.

This result was reached by the Bazzara Academy in 2017, when it became the first certified Italian facility delivering all the levels and modules of the Coffee Skills Program. In the same year, it also became one of the founder members of the Conferenza delle Accademie, a group gathering the leading Italian professional academies thanks to the initiative of Narratori del Gusto.

Thanks to the collaboration with Narratori del Gusto and Conferenza delle Accademie, Bazzara will have a strategic role in the Sensory Academy workshop, organized at the stand 21-26 pavilion D3, having had a crucial role both in defining the innovative didactic approach for the “new academic world” and supporting the realization of the module “The Aromas of Espresso Coffee”. In fact, during the event, many fun and informative didactic activities and workshops will be organized.

For Bazzara, this workshop will not be the only side event: during the five-day event in Rimini the project Italian Coffee Icons will be filmed: an idea conceived to spread the culture of high quality espresso through a series of videos showcasing the true icons of the Italian coffee industry.

What is more, at the Bazzara stand, all the coffee lovers, have the chance to enjoy exciting games at the soccer table: in fact, at the stand there will be the prototype of the soccer tables realized to support the multifunctional centres of Lazio that, last year, were affected by the earthquake: a small gesture of solidarity realised by Bazzara with the contribution of all the technical sponsors of the last edition of Trieste Coffee Experts event, one of the most important formats created by the Bazzara Brothers to promote coffee culture.

Don’t miss this appointment at Stand 64 Pavillion D2!*This trademark is not owned by Bazzara s.r.l. nor any related company.