Can coffee oil replace palm oil?

fondi di caffe

The news comes from Scotland: reusing coffee grounds, that have already been used, it will be possible to extract a vegetal oil to be employed as a valid alternative to palm oil.

From Scotland, the Scottish start-up Revive Eco launches an attack to palm oil. The intention is to give new life to used coffee grounds (on average every day almost 2 billion coffees are consumed, that means 6 million tonnes per year).

Coffee grounds are an infinite resource and they can be recycled in countless ways: from cosmetics to daily housecleaning.

The secret ingredient used during the recycling above all in the beauty field is to be found in the oil of the arabica seeds. It has several properties. It is, for example, rich in antioxidants with an anti-aging effect. Moreover, in coffee oil we can find: polyphenols, phenolic acid, linoleic acid and also tocopherols. These substances all have anti-inflammatory properties.

Revive Eco has already begun to collect many tonnes of coffee grounds in all Scotland to produce this natural oil.

This solution can be a valid alternative, a sustainable and eco-friendly solution to completely abolish palm oil in the industry sector.

As already said, these are early stage developments. This, however, does not mean that in the future a full capacity production won’t be possible.