The days we are living, with serious consequences at a social, economic, and psychological level, must not overshadow a very important day like 25th of November: the international day for the elimination of violence against women.

On the contrary. In these changing sceneries connected to the pandemic, women and mothers were those bearing the highest burden.
In Bazzara, a company that has always expressed its decided position against gender violence and that has always believed in and fought for gender equality, more than the half of the employees are women and, moreover, almost every managerial role is pink, from the administration to the fundamental export department.
On this 25th of November too, Bazzara expresses its position choosing and iconic image of the sector: a very particular cup. A broken cup, shown in all its fragility: a metaphor of the violence that in women can be incurable and leave permanent marks. A little, but sincere contribute, to fight against a serious cultural problem, made of gender stereotypes and of a language reinforcing roles and social habits that are often dysfunctional.