The 5th edition of the TCE in a complete new version thanks to the 5th book by the Bazzara Bros

Andrea Bazzara, sales manager of the Bazzara Espresso, innovator and reformer of the 5th edition of the TCE (Trieste Coffee Experts) 2021, the event taking place in Trieste, Italian Coffee Capital, gathering together many of the important names of the coffee world, communicates that this year the event has been completely reinvented. 

“I thought it was a good choice to postpone the event in presence”, states Andrea Bazzara. 

“In light of the current situation, it is paramount to create a strong bond between the editions of the past decade, where great personalities participated: Luigi Morello, Cimbali group; Luigi Odello of I.N.E.I., Gianfranco Carubelli of Pulycaff, just to mention some of the names, and the writing of s new book giving answer to some of the most important questions like “Has the Specialty era already come to an end?”, “How do we choose the ideal filtering system?” or “How do we define quality?”. 

Andrea’s brother, Marco Bazzara, responsible for the Bazzara Academy and Quality Control Manager, adds: “the book will be presented in an absolute preview during Sigep 2021. It wants, indeed, contribute to one of our fundamental missions since always: networking in the coffee world, putting together in a single book the speeches of the last TCE editions. I am convinced that we will be able to connect all the important personalities of the entire production chain: roasters, freight-forwarders, brokers, barista, and all the enthusiasts for coffee, a product which contributed to make Italy known not only for the beautiful, the good and the well done, but also for our typical tendency to the Great Beauty, confirmed also by the many participants in the courses of the Academy”. 

Andrea underlines that “the TCE has always represented sharing, a fundamental moment for the Italian coffee world, to exchange opinions and experiences in a debate, sometimes very heated, but always aiming at divulging in a comprehensive way the importance of coffee, being this event also one of the few creative cooperation moments for those people, like us, are managers or professionals of the sector. I am sure that this temporary transformation can give to the people who read the book, awareness, satisfaction and certainty with the answers to the most important questions for the world of coffee, asked to the people who make this sector unique worldwide”. 

Marco adds: “As a trainer I will recommend the book also to the many friends and colleagues working in the training sector. It is useful to remember that the previous volumes, both in Italian and English, written by my father Franco and my uncle Mauro, can be found on the official SCA website (Specialty Coffee Association), translated into many languages, and in many of the most prestigious Coffee schools in the world, and in many other fields”.