A new kick-off in Trieste to collect signatures for the UNESCO candidacy for the “Espresso coffee Ritual”.

It is an opportunity that we cannot lose”, says Franco Bazzara, entrepreneur of the Trieste historical and homonymous roasting company based in the city centre and on the front line to support the candidacy. “Trieste, coffee capital, will play its part because our city, this territory is a scientific hub, it’s the sea, it’s the famous regatta Barcolana but it is also coffee. And coffee will contribute to the future development of the city, to its growth without forgetting it also contributes to its touristic development”.

Sociality, solidarity, equality, identity, universality, inclusivity, tradition, rituality, creativity and sustainability: these are the foundation of the rulebook of the Carta dei Valori which from the North to the South of Italy represent the ritual of Italian espresso coffee and that the representative communities, of which the Trieste Coffee Association is forerunner in our territory, signed last 26th March in Rome in the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Politics thanks to a signatures collection to support the candidacy of the Espresso coffee ritual as a UNESCO intangible heritage.

This candidacy has always been supported by Bazzara since the very beginning also in the name of the friendship between the company and the Earl Giorgio Caballini of Sassoferrato, promoter of the event. The project, however, does not stop here and after the decision of last year, they decided o try it again, proposing the candidacy another time. It is worth it to remember that every day 9.3 million coffees are drunk representing the Italian Espresso ritual.

Franco Bazzara, thinking about something which is particularly connected to Trieste but which should probably be connected to every representative communities in Italy, says that training has a key role in this project:

Are you the owner of a coffee shop? Explain what is inside your blend and where it comes from. Are you a roaster? Send article about coffee to the media of your city. So, what shall we do? Over the last months we have always been in the front line, believing in this candidacy, proposing several possibilities that an important coffee city like Trieste can implement: designing the day where elderly and young people can taste a coffee for free; proposing a course to teach to the future of our city, i.e. young people, and not only how a good espresso or a good cappuccino are prepared and, more importantly, what is coffee, why it thrills our mind and how it can help create a good future as a career”.

Franco Bazzara also adds, “Other ideas can be helping the international exhibition which will take place in the city in its 11th edition or putting the symbol of coffee, a cup, at the entrance of the city. Of course, we all must believe in this project, including media and institutions. We surely are living difficult moments, full of worries, but creating a sort of General States of coffee, which means networking (something that today is missing), would give a greater boost to a field that as affirmed many times by our company, could bring only benefits to our city. An example? Our biennial event, the Trieste Coffee Experts, programmed at the end of November this year, which has gathered around 50 among the greatest Italian experts of the coffee world in our headquarters in Via Battisti for a decade now to spread beauty, the strength of our city, not only in Italy but also abroad”.

Obviously, everyone can give a contribution: speaking of Trieste as “City of Coffee”, we invite all the citizens to click on the following link to support the candidacy of our beloved espresso as a UNESCO intangible heritage: https://www.ritodelcaffe.it