The Discovery of Caffeine!

From the dream of a Trieste coffee artisan to the reality of a dynamic and international company.

Recently mentioned by National Geographic and included by Forbes among the 100 excellences of Italian food, Bazzara Espresso was born in 1966, when Dionisio Bazzara took over the Triestine roasting “La Brasiliana”. He is a dreamer who bets everything on his passion for the world of coffee, passing it on to his children and grandchildren with enthusiasm and rigour.

In the 1960s, Trieste already had almost three centuries of coffee-making tradition behind it, during which it successfully developed the entire production chain of the sector in the city. It begins to be recognized throughout the world as the Italian capital of espresso and it is the right place at the right time.
In three generations the family business flourishes, establishing itself nationally and internationally as an artisan producer of high quality blends.

Today, Bazzara Espresso sells its selections of the best varieties of Arabica and Robusta in thirty-five countries, from all over the world and harmoniously blended in its Bazzara blends, which contain the essence of the Made in Italy art of coffee. The very wide range of Bazzara gourmet products, which can also be purchased recently by private individuals thanks to the launch of the e-shop, fully expresses the values of the Italian lifestyle and an artisan tradition that makes the difference. The company guarantees coffee that is always extremely fresh over time, only from batches from the best coffee-growing areas on the planet and rigorously slow and calibrated roasting for the single origin.

Bazzara Espresso is also committing itself to an increasingly ethical and sustainable production conversion process, which includes energy saving policies, enhancement of human resources and the promotion of a new line of certified organic products. The gaze is aimed at the future, at constant innovation, at the well-being of one’s multicultural work team, which boasts a clear prevalence of women and an extremely young average age.

Without ever forgetting the healthy and deep roots, which sink into a family humus of experiences, values, knowledge and relationships that have become a precious heritage. From this awareness, and from the balance between creative thrust and ancient principles, new initiatives and realities have arisen within Bazzara Espresso. They always revolve around coffee, understood however no longer only as a product to be sold but as a cultural heritage to be communicated.