The many paths of coffee at the Trieste Coffee Experts

The event Trieste Coffee Experts has always aimed at talking, understanding, gathering, discussing, contrasting, imagining, dreaming and thinking about… What can happen in the coffee system?

This is how we anticipate for the 6th edition of the TCE 20 among the most well-known coffee experts: in an exclusive video realised by the company itself, available also on the Youtube channel and which collects the main ideas and the focus of the summit.

Here there are three short excerpts.

The future of coffee is positive and extremely interesting. The main reasons for this are the new generations around the world who appreciate more and more this drink. There are new consumers who see coffee not only as a product, but as a lifestyle element”, Michele Cannone states, Global Brand Director of Lavazza and one of the many speakers.

Simone Marzoroli, Business Owner Coffee Tree, and Carlo Barbi, CEO and WOner of Clubhouse conclude, “in these years coffee has fully entered the food and beverage system. It is an invaluable heritage which we must safeguard”.

Many experts were present at the preview of the event which took place during the TriestEspresso Expo, international coffee exhibition. It was not only an occasion of reflection and debate to deal with the most current topics connected with the entire coffee system but also a moment to live thanks to workshops and conferences where through dialogue allowed to identifly the best ways to face the challenges of the market underlying the need of networking and supporting the exchange of knowledge and expertise to improve each other’s professionalism.

The event Trieste Coffee Experts is part of the hard work by the historical Trieste roasting company Bazzara, which has been promoting for years a 360° enhancement of high-quality coffee and of what turns around it, with the aim of giving value and promoting the culture of espresso coffee as an invaluable heritage symbol of Italy, the Bel Paese. Another reason to organise events like this is to support the creation of new synergies among the protagonists of Italian coffee. The main topic of this new edition, again live in November, will be innovation inevitably connected to the idea of sustainability, a paramount topic in a constantly changing world.