The Trieste Coffee Experts by Bazzara Caffè is back in November. Dates and location revealed

Carles González of Rancilio Group: “Trieste Coffee Expert is a reference moment for the whole coffee sector. We share the spirit of this important event organised by Bazzara and which gathers in Trieste the elite of the coffee universe”.

In the wonderful setting of the Savoia Hotel, the biennial summit dedicated to sustainability and innovation in the coffee sector: the Trieste Coffee Experts by Bazzara will be back in November.

The dates of the long-awaited Trieste Coffee ExpertsTCE – have been unveiled. The summit by Bazzara Caffé, dedicated to the universe of coffee and organised by Andrea Bazzara, Sales Manager of the company.

The event will take place on 25th and 26th November 2023 in the elegant setting of the Savoia Excelsior PalaceStarhotels Collection, the luxury hotel located in the heart of Trieste with its eternal allure, a wonderful place which opens itself like a window on the sea overlooking the breath-taking Gulf of Trieste and a few steps from Piazza Unità d’Italia.

Presented in the preview organised during the exhibition TriestEspresso Expo, the TCE will be held this year in its 6th edition: an idea born out of the main characteristic of the Bazzara brothers, the idea of networking in the field of coffee and of spreading the culture of Italian coffee, being aware that it is fundamental to pool the energies for a common success. The event will be about the future of the coffee sector and there will be many speakers participating. A full weekend in which many experts will give their important contribution about coffee, which has deep roots but continues to grow more and more rapidly.

Among the speakers there will also be Carles González, Coffee Competence & Product Manager of Rancilio Group, sponsor of the event, who, with his speech “The enhancement of coffee through technology”, supports the spread of coffee culture and of Made in Italy in the world.

Trieste Coffee Expert is a reference event for the entire coffee field, a discussion moment among the several representatives and the right occasion to share ideas about coffee connected to current topics, such as, sustainability and technology, part of the values of Rancilio Group. We share the spirit of this important event organised by Bazzara and which gathers in Trieste the elite of the coffee universe”, Carles González says.

These are some names of the sponsors supporting the culture of coffee and the idea of networking in Italy:

ClubHouse, Cafeex Shanghai China, Simonelli Group, Asachimici Pulycaff, BWT, IMA Coffee Petroncini, Rancilio Group, Brita, M25 Consulting, Asean Cafe Show Thailand, Colombini Group, Demus, Warsaw Expo Poland.

The organisation stage is already ongoing, the TCE is ready to be the centre of interesting debates for all of the coffee professionals, with the aim of stimulating the reflection and dealing with the emerging trends and the most relevant topics for the coffee industry. It will be a unique event also for the enthusiasts who want to update or transform this passion in a job and in their knowledge.

Many news and many other sponsors for the event, but what topics will the TCE deal with? Right because Bazzara really believes in the sharing of the culture of Made in Italy, something the espresso coffee ritual is part of, the summit, which as already said this year will gather some among the main experts of the coffee sector and other connected fields, will have as main topic the future of coffee, above all oriented to innovation and sustainability. With the title “Innovation & Sustainability oriented”, the event will take place in two days: the first one, Saturday 25th November will be dedicated to the workshops and the second one, Sunday 26th November, to a series of speeches dealing with the culture, the innovation and digital technology in coffee. And not only in Italy: the summit can be watched also aboriad thanks to the interpreters who will simultaneously and live transmit to different countries:

The countdown has officially started. We have to always remember that the main idea is to network, keep connected to have the opportunity to transfer the knowledge of the field thanks to the contribution of different professionals to the enthusiasts and, even better, to those who will become enthusiasts in the future. We are ready!”, Andrea Bazzara concludes.