About us

Our story begins with the dream of coffee artisan Dionisio Bazzara, who in 1966, took over "La Brasiliana - Industria Triestina del Caffè" coffee roasting company.

Since then, we select with love, the best varieties of Arabica and Robusta to give you a taste of the Italian lifestyle.

Maximum regard to the quality of coffee and the service provided to our customers, enhancement of espresso culture, care in design: today, Bazzara upholds these principles and the people who put them into practice every day with their work.


Our team


Graphic designer


Misunderstood geometries with a few score points have made him a Dadaist player, best suited to leave a mark on paper than on the basketball court. Today, he is Bazzara’s graphic designer and deals with image management and brand development.


Sales manager


Polyhydric musician and composer. Son of art, teacher of coffee and SCA qualified trainer of the Bazzara Academy. From this year in Bazzara he is the Sales Manager but he continues to give his creative contribution to the communications department.


Export dept.


Sales manager for the Eastern countries, passionate about art, psychology and philosophy ... and in the these past years: football. Just like any other mum who supports their little league Footballer.




Professional translator, passionate about foreign languages and cultures, ballet and life coaching. Junior Export Specialist in Bazzara Espresso, he takes care of shipping and purchase processes for our customers.


Administration dept.


Hard Rock, Prog / Metal is the genre that he plays whilst on tour as a keyboard player. In Bazzara, he is an administrative employee and manages the company's accounting.




Martial arts, surf, rock, snowboard ... what do they have in common? Nothing. But these are the passions in which the President of Bazzara loves to invest his energies in, on those rare occasions, in which he manages to not think about coffee or isn’t busy writing books.




Born in Rio Cuarto, Argentina, since adolescence he is passionate about the visual arts and the cinema of Martin Scorsese. After graduating in Cinema at "La Metro" University of Cordoba, he began working as a photographer. Love, however, led him to move to Italy, where today he is a Bazzara videomaker.


Export manager


Born in Irkutsk, Siberia, to two scientists, she started her career at the age of 21 after achieving her degree in languages. She lived and worked in China, then Moscow and finally, Trieste, where she obtained her second degree. Watercolor, piano and the books of Camilleri are her passions; export manager in Bazzara for 10 years.


Quality control


Family genes don’t lie: one cannot get away from martial arts and sensory analysis, on the contrary, in both fields one must work hard to achieve the greatest goals. Multiple Italian champion in Sanda and Kung Fu. In Bazzara he deals with selection, roasting and blending, holding the position of Quality Manager.


Administration manager


With a degree in economics, in Bazzara she deals with company accounts and personnel management. But as soon as she can, she plunges into the depths of the sea or practices Tai Chi in the mountains.




In the past he was a bass player and punk singer; in order not to cause any damage to anyone’s eardrums, he soon decided to devote himself to photography and directing music videos. Like his spiritual mentor Toscani, in his art he loves to provoke and stir emotions in people.




Italian champion of Kung Fu and martial arts master in the 90s, teaching has always been within him. In 1998 he developed the IBEA - Italian Barista Espresso Academy - the first training center on Bazzara coffee and today, in addition to being CEO of the company, he directs and designs the various courses of the Bazzara Academy.


Marketing manager


Beekeeper, historical re-enactor and fitness instructor, after the GMO thesis in agriculture, economic aspects and consumer behavior, he found in Bazzara the opportunity to apply his passion for marketing.