Espresso Sensory Master

Partecipation requirements

Open to all

Length of course

Variable, depending on needs and knowledge


€ 25 per person


Bazzara Academy - Via Battisti 1 - Trieste

At your complete disposal for any doubt

Available dates

We are sorry, but there aren't any available dates for this course yet

Espresso Sensory Master is dedicated to tourist groups who have the will to deepen their basic knowledge on the world of coffee.

The course, lasting about two hours, will deepen the world of coffee by tasting a perfect Italian espresso, reaching the correct sensorial evaluation thanks to the exact use of the tasting sheet. Finally, the students will be able to practice what they have just learned on a theoretical level with food / coffee combinations.

The Bazzara Expesso Sensory Master is followed and designed by Marco, Quality Manager of the Trieste-based company and is intended for groups of at least 20 people.



As director of the Bazzara Academy, Marco specializes in sensory analysis. In addition to having obtained the AST Specialty Coffee Association License for all the modules of the Coffee Skills Program, he has in fact deepened what concerns sensorial practice, together with distinguished experts of international fame; Wine Sommelier, Idrosommelier, Tea Sommelier and Tea Trader, Espresso and Coffee Sommelier, Honey Taster, Chocolate Taster, Grappa and brandy taster.

Our Trainers

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