Marco Bazzara

Born in 88, he grew up among the aroma of Bazzara blends and immediately became passionate about the study of coffee in its many aspects, starting in 2006 a specific training course at IBEA (Italian Barista Espresso Academy). His is a continuous training which, combined with the degree in "Business Economics and Management", now allows him to interface at 360 degrees with all areas of the coffee supply chain. In 2012 he achieves the Barista levels of the SCA and, demonstrating excellent support skills as an assistant trainer, he fully begins the management of the Coffee Lab. In 2014 he achieves the coveted CDS Coffee Diploma System and takes over the overall management of the academy. Within Bazzara Espresso he deals with selection, roasting and blending, holding the position of Quality Control Manager. The pursuit of excellence leads him to complete all the modules of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) training course and to train with the best internationally renowned experts regarding the selection and organoleptic evaluation of coffee.

Passionate about sensory analysis, in recent years he has participated as a sensory judge in national competitions and obtained several licenses including that of "Qualified Chocolate Taster" and "Trainer" at the Institute International Chocolier (IIC), deepening the subject thanks to the courses of the International Institute of Cocoa and Chocolate Tasting (IICCT) and the Compagnia del Cioccolato, attending the “Chocolate Taster” Master. He became a Idrosommelier following the courses of the Mineral Water Taster Association (ADAM); he attended the lessons of the Italian Sommelier Association (AIS) until obtaining the professional qualification and with Lucia Piana he learned the basics of the sensory analysis of Honey, obtaining the qualification at the CRA-API of Bologna of "Expert in Sensory Analysis of Honey "With relative registration in the national register. Finally, he attended courses held by the international expert in tea tasting Marco Bertona at (Ademathè) and obtained the license of grappa and spirits taster at ANAG, for which he is a trainer and speaker in sensory analysis and tasting techniques. He obtained the license of Espresso Taster at the (IIAC) behind the precious guide and experience of Professor Luigi Odello. He deepened his knowledge in the world of perfumery by completing the course "School of Perfumery" under the precious guidance of Claudia Scattolini and prof. Giovanni D'agostinis, obtaining the qualification of "Expert in Perfumes" and attending courses and masters on the creation of scented accords at institutions such as the European Academy of Essences (MUSES), the British Society of Perfumers (BSP) and the Natural Perfume Academy (Postcode). Along with these experiences, he completed his studies in "Fragrance-based formulations", graduating from the University of Florence. It is thanks to these countless activities that he was able to give shape to his "Coffee Sommellerie" sensory journey, which aims to outline the rules and methods to be followed to define the coffee product sensory along the entire supply chain up to the bar.

Andrea Bazzara

He became a Doctor of Communication Sciences in 2014 and immediately began working in the family business. He achieves the Coffee Diploma System in December 2016 and toasts his position as AST (Authorized SCA Trainer) with his brother in October of the following year. He especially falls in love with the "Barista" path, towards which he will concentrate most of his training commitments and which will lead him to teach also at external facilities such as the IAL institute (hotel institute) in Trieste.

In addition to being a qualified SCA teacher for the Academy and Coffee Assistant, he mainly covers the role of Sales Manager. The qualification of Sommelier, obtained by attending the courses of the AIS (Italian Sommelier Association) and that of "Qualified Taster" for espresso coffee, issued by the IIAC (Italian Institute of Coffee Tasters) enriches his training curriculum.