SCA Foundation Camp

Partecipation requirements

For coffee lovers and professionals: no prerequisite required.

Length of course

5 days


2.000 € (Iva inclusa)


Bazzara Academy - Via Battisti 1 - Trieste

At your complete disposal for any doubt

Available dates


The opportunity offered by Bazzara, at an excellent price, in order to obtain the Intermediate level certifications of all SCA modules in a week spent in Trieste, the Italian capital of coffee.

By choosing the Foundation Camp package you will save € 100.


  • GREEN COFFEE: covers the key concepts surrounding green coffee, from growing the plant, through processing, shipping, storage and arrival at a roaster.
  • ROASTING:gives a basic understanding of the roasting process, including the roast cycle and how to control sensory aspects of the coffee by roasting light or dark.
  • SENSORY SKILLS:covers the essentials of sensory evaluation in a practical and interactive manner. It investigates the way we perceive what we taste and how to apply this knowledge when evaluating coffee’s natural characteristics.
  • BREWING: introduces the beginner to the different ways of brewing coffee, from Chemex and siphon to clever dripper and French press.
  • BARISTA SKILLS:is for those new to the coffee industry and focuses on the key skills required to set your grinder, brew espresso and foam and texture milk for cappuccinos.

Included services:

The total price includes: coffee breaks, the use of equipment and consumables necessary for the course. SCA certification price not included.



AST for all Specialty Coffee Association modules of the Coffee Skills Program, Andrea is our Latte Artist. He has focused on the best methodology to teach even beginners how to learn how to make a perfect Italian Cappuccino in a few hours, and shortly after, practice with the first decorations.


As director of the Bazzara Academy, Marco specializes in sensory analysis. In addition to having obtained the AST Specialty Coffee Association License for all the modules of the Coffee Skills Program, he has in fact deepened what concerns sensorial practice, together with distinguished experts of international fame; Wine Sommelier, Idrosommelier, Tea Sommelier and Tea Trader, Espresso and Coffee Sommelier, Honey Taster, Chocolate Taster, Grappa and brandy taster.

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