Bazzara Academy receives a new certification: it has become an Iiac academy

The Bazzara Corporate Academy continues its path of growth and expansion. After being nominated, in 2017, SCA Premier Training Campus and becoming part of the Conference of Academies – a group of Italian training excellence, established thanks to the initiative of Storytellers of taste -, now being chosen by the International Institute of Coffee Tasters (IIAC) as IIAC Academy, further improves its status and conditions to be able to pursue the goal of safeguarding and spreading the knowledge of quality coffee.

IIAC is an independent and scientific association for the tasting of coffee, founded in 1993 with the aim of spreading scientific methods for the sensorial evaluation of coffee. The IIAC Academy forms a network of IIAC accredited coffee schools and meets specific requirements in terms of teaching spaces, equipment and teaching aids. They are a place of knowledge and sharing of the knowledge of coffee and comparison between professionals – Home to those who dedicate every day to the sensorial analysis of Italian espresso.

The training offered at the Bazzara Academy is therefore further enriched and adds new formats to create the professionals of tomorrow and bring coffee lovers close to the work that lies behind the final extraction of the blend. In Trieste, it will be possible to follow the courses of the International Institute of Coffee Tasters: modules that aim to provide, through sensorial analysis, criteria and tools for practical application to guide production, along the entire supply chain, towards obtaining a product that gives maximum pleasure to the consumer.