TriestEspresso Expo 2018 gives confirmation to Bazzara Espresso

13,000 visitors from all over the world, with a + 4% turnout compared to the last edition – increasingly important numbers that were “seen” even at the two stands set up by Bazzara Espresso: both packed at all hours, one entirely dedicated to the Dodicigrancru blend, while the other was reserved for the remaining Arabica blends and the Academy.

For the staff of the historic roasting company in Trieste it was a busy three days, but full of satisfactions: besides the business-men and women of the sector – many of which were also curious to know the developments and implications of the dispute between Zara and Bazzara for the registration of the brand – visiting the Bazzara brothers were also numerous authorities and prominent personas. Franco Bazzara welcomed Dr. Gloria Isabel Ramirez, Ambassador in Italy for Colombia, presenting to her personally, the owners of some of the best Italian companies in the coffee sector, among which we can mention Ima Petroncini, La Spaziale, La Brambati, Pacorini, Count Giorgio Caballini – President of the Italian Coffee Roasters Guild – and many more.

Something that was also done for CLUB41 of Ascoli, who came to the fair to greet and thank all the sponsors of the Bazzara Academy who had supported the charity work born in the latest edition of the Trieste Coffee Experts, through which they were able to donate a dozen professional table-footballs to some municipalities in central Italy, hit last year by the devastating earthquake.


To enjoy a cup of Dodicigrancru, the visit on behalf of Francesco Sanapo – owner of Ditta Artigianale and AST of international fame -, Michele Cannone – Head of Food Service Marketing of Lavazza – Andrej Godina – professional taster specialized in sensory analysis of espresso coffee -, Davide Cobelli – AST, consultant and owner of Coffee Training Academy -, the new CEO of Carimali – Cosimo Libardo and many others. All eager, as well as the customers, to ascertain that even in the new portioned range the sensorial experience of Dodicigrancru does not betray in expectations, confirming the fine exotic scents and a very refined acidity.

A success that can be easily explained if one looks not only at the very high quality of the blend but also consumption change that is affecting the entire sector worldwide and that registers a progressive abandonment of the simple origins of Robusta in favour of more and more precious Arabiche. A trend that translates into the search for gourmet products to be consumed at home and an ever increasing focus on specialty coffees.

An interest in quality coffee that Bazzara does not satisfy solely through its top-of-the-range blend, but also through the famous saga of the Bazzara books – La Filiera del Caffè Espresso, La Degustazione del Caffè and Cappuccino Italiano Latte Art – entirely dedicated to the black mystical drink that, in fact, during the three days of the fair, registered the usual appreciation of the public with excellent sales results but, above all, through the various training modules offered by the Bazzara Academy. The corner set in the main stand was literally attacked by business-men and women of the coffee supply chain at all levels and by many entrepreneurs who see a great outlet in the business of micro-roasteries dedicated to mono origins and niche blends; eager to approach the Academy managed by Marco Bazzara, to learn the know-how necessary to succeed in this market.

The Bazzara Academy was in fact the first structure in Italy certified as SCA Premier Training Campus for all the modules of the Coffee Skills Program, recognized as IIAC Academy and is among the members who gave life to the Conference of Academies – the group of Italian training excellence.