Brazilian Tasting Technique

Brazilian tasting technique is the most comprehensive of all. At the same time, it is, nonetheless, the most difficult since it includes all the taste and quality shades that can be identified inside a coffee.

Brazilian tasting technique is the most comprehensive also for the description of every characteristic, both physical and organoleptic.

Here some classifications that can be found in the Brazilian tasting technique:

  • strictly soft
  • soft
  • softish
  • hardish
  • hard
  • rioysh
  • riado
  • rio
  • soft-strictly soft
  • soft-softish
  • softish-hardish

How is Brazilian tasting realised?

To apply this technique, the first step is coffee roasting. The right roasting for the Brazilian tasting is carried out extracting coffee after the first cracking. This is also done to develop some of the product’s aromas.
Beans’ grinding will then be coarse (more or less the same used for filter coffee). Water has to be first boiling.

Ground coffee quantity needed for every cup (in the Brazilian tasting at least 5/10 cups are suggested) is about 8-10 grams which will then be infused in 200cc of water.

The tasting is carried out with different cups since categorisation has to be realised basing of the detected qualities and flaws.
Once the liquid is poured, everything needs to be blended in order to realise the first olfactory assessment. The second step consists in tasting the infusion with a big spoon.

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