Bazzara at Sigep Exp 2021: our balance of the first digital fair

The first digital edition of the food service fair Sigep Exp has just concluded.

On this occasion, Bazzara Espresso not only presented with great satisfaction the 5th book, ready to be published, but, thanks to the results, it also had the confirmation that the business world is now indissolubly linked to the digital world.

“In the B2B sector there is always a great mistrust towards the digital platforms and the digital world, more in general”, says Mariaisabella Musulin, marketing manager for Bazzara, “but, as always, numbers speak for themselves, confirming that the inclination towards the digital cannot and must not be called into question.
Moreover, as we could see during this first experience completely digital, however better it is meeting people face to face, the advantages linked to the online world must not be underestimated. Furthermore, thanks to the schedule and management of the pre-fair and the fair, there always was support and satisfaction for the results”.

However disadvantageous the circumstances for the virtual organisation of Sigep 2021, the benefits have been indeed interesting: “surfing” among the stands being comfortably sat at the office desk, thus avoiding a waste of time and money; meeting buyers “one to one” and suppliers from all over the world on a single platform; last, but not least, the fact that, organised in this way, the event has been “greener”.

Mariaisabella Musulin also adds: “besides the presentation of the book, which has already given us much satisfaction and many positive feedbacks from customers, partners and friends, also our sales department obtained many contacts thanks to this edition of the fair: we got in touch with many suppliers who will certainly bring benefits to the company, and we also had many promising meetings with people from all over the world.
I know our team had interesting discussions with Russia, representing for us a very stimulating market, Morocco, Egypt, Denmark, China, and many others.
To conclude, it was not an easy task, but I must gratulate once more the Sigep team for the success of this event. We are deeply satisfied.