250gr format: the winning choice of Bazzara Espresso

250gr format: the winning choice to expand the consumer formats of Bazzara Espresso

For some months now, Bazzara Espresso, the Trieste roasting company, has expanded its range of offer to 250gr formats: all the blends and single origins in the roasting catalog are available both on the e-shop dedicated to Italian costumers and on the B2B channel aimed at foreign customers.
The choice to expand its catalog proved to be a winning choice, enjoying great success both “at home” and abroad: in addition, all 250g formats have 3 degrees of grinding to make each blend suitable for the right extraction.
Therefore, whether it is grains, mocha ground, filter or French press, Italian customers have the opportunity to taste every blend or single origin available with the usual maximum freshness of roasting.
“Even our customers abroad have confirmed that this variety of formats was a valid choice” reports Andrea Bazzara, Sales Export Manager of the company, “their customers in turn have found this wide range of options to be very positive. It is not so common to find such a wide choice of formats, blends and grinds on the market today, but for us it is important that our customers, be they coffee experts or coffee lovers, find in our offer an answer to their desire to try our products in any way possible. “