Bazzara Espresso with Venjulia Rugby Trieste for the 2021/2022 season

Venjulia Rugby Trieste is pleased to announce an agreement with Bazzara Espresso, which will see the coffee company exclusive partner of the Under 17 and supporter of the Female Seniores.

The two realities will embark on an exciting collaboration that will see them combine their universes to offer new opportunities to athletes and new experiences to all fans.

As part of the agreement, the Bazzara Espresso brand will appear EXCLUSIVELY on the men’s Under 17 jerseys, and on the women’s selection shorts for the entire 2021/22 season.

“Trieste is the Capital of Coffee and for this reason we wanted, indeed, claimed that among our partners there was an excellence in the sector, once we met Franco (Bazzara ed), the agreement was immediate. Two “ciacole” in front of an excellent coffee were enough to understand how obvious the agreement between Venjulia and Bazzara has been “declares Maurizio Box President of Venjulia Rugby Trieste

“We will try, thanks to our company, to do marketing work that is extremely important to all of us. I am convinced that women on the one hand and boys on the other, thanks to this sport can grow in every respect in a healthy way. ” Declares Franco Bazzara President of Bazzara S.R.L.

The exciting new partnership will see Venjulia Rugby Trieste become even more standard-bearer on the territory of what it means to do well for the company and make good coffee, still today a product so consumed by Italians and so little understood in its vast facets.

To celebrate the launch of this partnership, Venjulia Rugby Trieste has decided to invest in good coffee using Bazzara Espresso as its personal supplier. At the corporate structures you can enjoy excellent Dodicigrancru coffee.

The adventures between the two companies do not stop there, the investment in the future of Bazzara Espresso did not want to stop only at the partnership but goes beyond the customary agreement between the company and A.S.D. investing in training. Thanks to their Academy, Bazzara has set itself the will to invest also on the cultural level of the younger athletes, promising in the future to want to train or at least make as many people as possible discover what it means to make coffee, not just the simple consumption but to let people discover what it means. to say working in the coffee sector bringing more interested in discovering the production process starting from green coffee to the final phase, distribution.

We are sure this historic agreement will not be short-lived, we both want a common growth path that must be cultivated day by day.

These initiatives are the first in a series of collaborations between Venjulia Rugby Trieste A.S.D. and Bazzara S.R.L. aimed at making the club and all of Trieste’s Rugby grow, the starting point of the project.

More exciting announcements will follow in the coming weeks and months!