The Great Challenge Fairtrade is back: the initiative designed by Bazzara to support the environment

The Great Challenge Fairtrade is back: the initiative designed by Bazzara to support the environment in Trieste invites the audience to taste its new certified organic coffee in the new Mapo Fusion Bakery.

Bazzara has always been actively compromised in every project connected to sustainability and environment and also this year it is ready to participate in the Great Challenge Fairtrade, the campaign made of public and private events which gathers all the country with a common objective: the consumption of ethical products which respect the people and the environment. The initiative will take place from 12th to 14th May all over Italy in order to boost more conscious choices in the purchases and fight against the climate crisis. Bazzara with its internal initiative and the one together with Mapo Fusion Bakery is one of the 4 realities which has endorsed the Great Challenge Fairtrade in the FVG region and the only one in Trieste, showing, once again, the strong bond with its territory and the initiatives aimed at a greater environmental sustainability.

The Great Challenge Fairtrade

This year on the occasion of the event it will be possible together with Bazzara to taste a special breakfast. The Bazzara Fairtrade certified Bioarabica coffee will be proposed to the public as an exclusive on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th may in the heart of the city of Trieste: a sensorial and taste experience that cannot be missed. We wait for you at the Mapo Fusion Bakery, newly opened café on Carducci avaenue (39/d), a news that has to be discovered for a breakfast or a coffee break supporting the environment protection.

The Colombia Fairtrade Bazzara will be the absolute protagonist and it can be tasted together with a wide range of delicious international handmade sweets. The organic Fairtrade Colombia coffee is a refined and sweet espresso which releases hints of exotic fruit and plantation apples. It will be interesting to see how it is prepared together with milk to create a cappuccino which will entail a surprise for every customer! An eco-friendly coffee certified Fairtrade, Biological Label, Agriculture Biologique, ICEA and BIO Siegel.

The surprises, however, will be more. Take part in the event to discover all of them!

Moreover, on the occasion of the Great Challenge Fairtrade, Bazzara will organise in its Academy a training course for its team focused on the Biorabica Fairtrade Bazzara Coffees. From their particular features in the growing and processing phases to the practical part which will end with the final preparation of a perfect cappuccino – a wonderful opportunity to enhance the barista’s skills and create and occasion of team hbuilding.

To be constantly updated, it will be possible to follow live the initiatives to support the environment on the Bazzara Instagram and Facebook profiles. Both the events will be the perfect occasion to let the Fairtrade Forest grow: a tree will indeed be planted for every event of the Great Challenge creating a new forest in the world. This will contribute to the absorption of CO2 and to the support of a farmer in the areas most affected by the climate crisis.

The Fairtrada Bazzara coffees

Bazzara has always proposed to its consumer organic and high-quality products and among the many projects connected to nature and social aims, the fair-trade certifications by Fairtrade could not miss. Fairtrade is an international organisation which works every day to improve the conditions of farmers in the developing countries, a job they do through precise standards which allow farmers and workers to have a more stable income and trustfully look at their future. The Fairtrade label certifies the raw materials of many products realised without exploiting the workers and the environment, helping the final consumer do the right choice in an easy and conscious way.

Fairtrade supports a sustainable agriculture in many ways and it works together with the farmers in facing the climate emergency through reforestation projects, training programs to make the plantations resilient to the effects of the climate crisis and biodiversity protection projects. Thanks to Fairtrade farmers can plant new trees, can be trained, get support on the field, and can have a higher income to adapt their crops.

As far as coffee is concerned, the Fairtrade Label means that 100% of the product is realised only with beans coming from certified organisations, only of small farmers. Fairtrade Bazzara certified coffees are Colombia Bioarabica fairtrade, Messico Bioarabica Fairtrade and Perù Bioarabica Fairtrade. The company has selected some of the best arabica varieties in the world, cultivated without fertilisers, synthetical pesticides and herbicides, and without GMOs. The label on the products Perù, Colombia and Mexico certifies the respect of the social, environmental and economical standards of Fairtrade agreed on an international level. Goals and missions that Bazzara has always shared.