From the dream of a Trieste coffee craftsman, to the reality of a dynamic and international company.

Recently cited by National Geographic and included by Forbes among the 100 excellences of Italian food, Bazzara Espresso was born in 1966, when Dionisio Bazzara took over the Trieste roasting company "La Brasiliana". He is a dreamer who bets everything on his passion for the world of coffee, passing it on with enthusiasm and rigor to his children and grandchildren. In the 1960s, Trieste already had almost three centuries of coffee tradition behind it, during which it successfully developed the entire production chain of the sector in the city. It is starting to be recognized throughout the world as the Italian capital of espresso and it is the right place at the right time. In three generations the family business flourished, establishing itself nationally and internationally as an artisanal producer of the highest quality blends. Today Bazzara Espresso sells its selections of the best varieties of Arabica and Robusta in thirty-five countries, coming from all over the world and harmoniously blended in its Bazzara blends, which contain the essence of the Made in Italy coffee art.

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La Bazzara Espresso ha creato, negli anni, una linea editoriale di settore che include volumi tradotti anche in inglese, cinese, russo, tedesco, più volte ristampati e venduti in tutto il mondo

The most famous are the three books written by the brothers Franco and Mauro Bazzara to spread coffee culture around the world: “The espresso supply chain” (2004), “The coffee tasting” (2010), “Cappuccino Italiano Latte-Art ” (2012), winner of the “New product of the show” award at the SCAE World of Coffee in Vienna. The new volume will be presented in autumn 2021 which, in over 600 pages, collectively collects the interventions of various Italian and foreign coffee experts on topics relevant to the sector; from the brewing universe to the 4.0 company, passing through green policies.

Bazzara Academy

The second floor of the historic Art Nouveau building where the Bazzara Espresso headquarters is located hosts a prestigious, highly qualified training school in the coffee sector: the Bazzara Academy, the first structure in Italy certified as SCA Premier Training Campus for all Coffee modules Skills Program

In addition to a wide range of courses aimed at enthusiasts and professionals - including the prestigious Q-Grader - the Bazzara Academy also shares a rich production of videos and tutorials online for free through its YouTube channel, created in collaboration with internationally renowned bartenders


Since 2014, Bazzara has organized the Trieste Coffee Experts every two years at its headquarters

A summit that brings together the greatest professionals and national experts in the world of coffee. The intent is to move away from purely competitive logics to network, facilitating the creation of new synergies between companies and the creation of shared solutions to face the challenges presented by the markets. Over the years, interventions by big names and companies have followed one another at the TCE, from Simonelli to Lavazza, from Cimbali to Bwt, up to Siemens.


Bazzara Espresso has undertaken a path of alignment with the principles of a Benefit Corporation, guaranteeing standards of sustainability, respect for the environment and ethics already in line with company policy.

The commitment is constant with respect to corporate well-being, the search for qualified suppliers aligned with company values, and front-line involvement on issues such as civic commitment, recycling and energy saving. The first Bazzara forest was also born in 2020, consisting of 200 coffee trees planted by the company in Kenya and Guatemala. In 2021 the new certified organic line BioArabiche was born, which includes seven fine single origins and a refined water-based decaffeinated coffee.


The payoff embodies the key elements of the current Bazzara identity

Well rooted in family principles and in the customs of quality Italian living, which through the simple and complex ritual of espresso daily renews the foundations of a way of being that has become a collective heritage. An identity founded and consolidated through years of experience in the coffee sector, which translates today into the constant commitment of Bazzara Espresso - with an editorial heritage that strengthens the company's authority and reputation - to enhance dissemination and know-how linked to the world of coffee.



An extraordinary balance between twelve of the most prized Arabica origins in the world gives life to Dodicigrancru, the Bazzara luxury blends

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They seek the balance of complexity. They are designed, tested and roasted rigorously in Italy to satisfy all consumption habits

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Single origin coffees come exclusively from a single plantation and tasting them allows you to find the unique origin characteristics in the cup.

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This organic line is produced without using synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Production according to this methodology contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and encourages the consumption of a completely natural product. The product has the Agriculture Biologique, Icea, Bio Siegel and Logo Biologico brands

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A different line which, in its versatility, manages to satisfy the most original tastes of the new hipster and alternative consumer. The rebellious and complementary soul of the company's classic line is expressed here, channeled in this brand which re-proposes Dionisio's historic blends in their most captivating guise

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